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Your favorite album cover...
1972 First album by a group called "Mom's Apple Pie". Google it and you'll see why! 
Everything Looks Like Shot on Video
Go into your tv's menu and set the judder control to zero. No more soap opera effect. 
Any polk fans?
LSi and RTi series. After that, forget it. My opinion. 
what cables/interconnects should I try?
You don't have to spend a fortune for good interconnects. I've had great results with SignalCable Silver Resolution, Audioquest Silver Extreme (sold by HMC Audio), Audioquest Black Mamba II (sold by Audioadvisor). There are others, for sure. For s... 
Life after ADS
I had the 3-way CM7 and found it not to my taste. Back then my system wasn't nearly as good as it is now so I may be being unfair with my criticism. I found it to be forward with an overly aggressive upper midrange and lower treble: steely and col... 
If I like Gorecki'S Symphony 3 I'll like.....?
Andrzej Panufnik: Symphony No.3 (Sinfonia Sacra). 
Best movie to see what your HT AUDIO will do.
"Last of the Mohicans" (1992) directed by Michael Mann.Spacious, airy Dolby soundtrack. Really good! 
Best Headphones $150?
Grado SR125i is $150. Check it out. 
Recommendations for a "summer" amp?
PSE Studio IV runs cool, sounds good! Perfect summer amp. 
Polk Audio
The LSiM, LSi, RTi series are first-rate loudspeakers. 
Preamp for headphone use
I think the opposite. "Old Milwaukee" is a step up from "Meister Brau".As for preamps with a quality headphone section, find a Audible Illusions L1 linestage. 
Denon DCD 1650AR
Very good player in its day. A Sam Tellig favorite which he still uses as a transport. Built like a tank but its 20 bit architecture is now behind the times. I brought one in 1999 and used it until 2006 when I went with the Benchmark DAC1 which cr... 
What HDMI Cable ?
I like the Radio Shack "Pipeline" hdmi cable. Designed by Audioquest and made in China; it's solid silver-plated copper (silver percentage unknown). $50 for 4ft. 
any one give the Polk Lsi25 a good listen?
The LSi9 needs to be played at a healthy volume to sound its best. 
any one give the Polk Lsi25 a good listen?
I recently picked up a pair of used LSi9's for the hell of it. They were sitting in the original owners closet for a few years and they needed about a two weeks of frequent play to open up.I was pretty impressed but felt it could do more. After mu...