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AM tuner performance?
I owned a Model 150 throughout the 1980's. I wouldn't characterise it's performance as "dismal". The AM section was average for it's time. The best AM section I've owned was a Dynaco AF-6: Wow! it sounded like FM mono.Anyway, I agree with Onhwy61;... 
Best CD Player for under $750?
You should consider a Denon DCD-1650AR. It's built like a tank (25lbs.+). Four 20 bit Burr-Brown Dacs. Fixed and variable outputs. Excellent headphone output. Street price new is under $750, used about $500. I have one and will not part with it un... 
Henry Kloss Model 1 Radio by Tivoli
Garfish: Thanks for the info. Sounds like it's what I need. Certainly it brings back memories of my old KLH Model 18 fm tuner from 1970. 
Best and Worst customer service?
Worst customer service? Why that would have to be Woodbridge Stereo in West Caldwell, NJ. About two years ago I went into their absolutely empty showroom and encountered two young salesman hacking around on the internet for five minutes before eve... 
Henry Kloss Model 1 Radio by Tivoli
Can anyone comment as to the quality of the AM section? Also, does this radio use a wall wart power supply? 
AC line conditioners - Need Help
I'm very pleased with the Audio Power Power Pack II. In many respects it's as good the Chang Lightspeed 6400ISO which I also use. The PPII doesn't get the attention it deserves maybe because it's the budget item in this companny's product line. Ho...