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Preamp for Bryston 4B SST2
I haven't heard the BP17 but James Tanner of Bryston on the AudioCircle Bryston pages inferred that the BP17 is a little laid back compared to the more expensive top of the line BP26. The BP26 has limited remote functions but, that aside, could be... 
Cullen Crossover Power Cables
I have the "red copper" series power cable and am completely satisfied with its performance. Compared to another power cord in this price range (you know the other company) I find it superior. I also have Cullen's XLR interconnect which I find to ... 
USB cable hype
I don't have tons of money to blow on expensive cables and I retain a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to cable claims. That said, I was unprepared for the huge improvement in sonics when I went from the (4% silver) Pangea USB-PC to the ... 
Audioquest Earth interconnect review
Old timers like me who remember the Sunday New York Times classified ads for hi-end equipment always observed the rule that AR=Acoustic Research and ARC=Audio Research Corp.I know that Acoustic Research is defunct but following the Old Gray Lady's... 
TV between speakers: Curved Screen TV, help? Hurt?
Isn't it the general consensus that curved screens are nothing more than a marketing gimmick? 
the difficult second Lp
I disagree about The Doors "Strange Days" album. To my ears it is the equal of their debut album. I think the third "Waiting For The Sun" and the fourth "The Soft Parade" are weak efforts. Things got better with "Morrison Hotel" and LA Woman". My ... 
the difficult second Lp
Johnny Winter hit the ball out of the park with his second album, "Second Winter". It still rocks and has great sound (the original LP and the remastered CD). A classic. 
Your Favorite Top 10 tuners all time
Put the 47 Labs Model 4730 on the best tuners list. I bought one on the strength of Art Dudley's assessment in a recent issue of Stereophile. It's really good if you're in a strong signal area with stations that broadcast an ungimmicked signal. I'... 
Customer Service
Benchmark. A few years ago I sent my still under warranty DAC1 to them to replace a scratchy volume control. Shipped it UPS ground (240 miles) on Tuesday. They received it on Wednesday, fixed it, and shipped it out. I received it on Thursday. Unbe... 
Audiophile Fakery
Didn't Rotel have front mounted heat sinks on a power amp that had no heat dissipating function. It was just there to look "audiophile macho". 
What's the greatest bargain in DAC's these days?
Audio Advisor is selling the Parasound Zdac for $299.95. I bought one and find that it is exceedingly close in performance to my Benchmark DAC1. 
Best Dac under $600... New or used
I'd look at the new Parasound Zdac v.2. I have the original model and think that it's ridiculously good for the money. It's very, very close in performance to my Benchmark DAC1 but with a touch of welcome warmth that the Benchmark lacks. The new Z... 
Pangea Power Cables comments
I can recommend the 14SE. It made a dramatic improvement over the stock cord on my FM tuner. I will try the 14XL soon. 
What is the best HEAVY METAL speaker?
Not my bag. but what about Cerwin-Vega? 
Hafler amp repair
Get in touch with Tim Schwartz of Bristol Electronics in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. Phone 201-447-4299. Authorized repair center for McIntosh, Arcam, and others. I have used him and he is excellent.