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Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers AMP/Pre Amp
I now stand with @soix  regarding use of a SS amplifier I should have done more of my own research prior to answering.  Aric's preamps mate well with either tube or SS amps. Can be had with variable output gain or fixed gain based on sensitivity ... 
Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers AMP/Pre Amp
Well 1st you must decide on the speakers. If you choose to go the the 20/20s and are interested in tube amplification a suggest you contact Aric of Aric Audio. He has a great website and is very responsive via that or a phone call.  I own one of ... 
What do you think is the best integrated amplifier under 1000
If a small footprint is sought the PS Audio Sprout is on sale for $500. Has an internal DAC and headphone amp.  Otherwise I support the recommendation for a used Rogue Audio Sphinx V3. I own both integrateds.   
Is more amp power always better...?
My thinking, a speaker having a true 89dB sensitivity to be used in a 10'x11' room can easily be by served by an amplifier providing 50wpc at 8ohms and 100wpc at 4ohms.  My advice, search for an amplifier that mates best towards the presentation ... 
Amp, Preamp, two volume pots, there can be only one!
Try backing off on the amp volume control to where you can use the preamps volume between 9 and 12 o'clock.  That may eliminate the noise while not influencing the sonics. Another approach might be to have the preamp modified to reduce the gain if... 
Accurate Sibilants: The Ultimate Audio Challenge?
SometimesI believe it is in the recording due to vocalists or instrument (piano often) being too closely miked. A bright room accentuates this. Also a particular problem with those having tinnitus.     
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
The Sphinx is a great 2 channel integrated amplifier at the price point, with the power for most systems and offered by a company that supports their products. It is a hybrid having tubes in the preamp stage, some want to avoid tubes. It has featu... 
Recommendations on integrated amps
Might look into the PS Audio Sprout 100. On sale for $500. A sealed box class D amplifier with DAC. I drive a pair of B&W 685s with one.  
Started with $1k speakers … what now?
Also I might recommend getting the book "The complete guide to high end audio" by Robert Harley.  
Started with $1k speakers … what now?
+1 on the advice given by @hilde45.  I own the Fritz Carbon 7se MKIIs. Fritz provides an extended trial period. I  use them with amplification that is far pricer than the speakers.  
DAC upgrade
Can the Chord be purchased with return option? Since it meets your needs and budget.   
What would you do?
Given the request, replacing one of the 3 SS devices, I with those that recommend a tube preamp to start.  A tube amplifier may follow.  I started that way and now have both a tube and a SS amp (in rotation)  in one system, and a tube/SS integrat... 
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
@jjss49  Happy new year to you as well!   One can not recommend or purchase speakers without consideration given to the room.  Yes, the Fritz speakers do best and offer quality bass when placed in smaller rooms.  Also serve as a great match with... 
Floor to Bookshelf
+1 @hilde45  I own the Fritz Carbon7s. Easy to drive, fit the description your looking for, would need to find a used pair to fit budget($2600 new). Contact Fritz, he sometimes has a discounted pair with return policy.   
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
+1 @mapman  When I first saw the title of this thread Fritz came to mind. Then I saw the budget, which is closer to my total system cost including Fritz speakers.