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Integrated for Cornwall IV
Aric Audio makes tube amplifiers that have volume control. If one's only sources are digital and switching between them occurs at the DAC they could be a great option. He incorporates variable damping (feedback), auto bias, and accommodate several... 
What to change in my system
+1 on the adjustments suggested by erik_squires. As for an equipment purchase, I am with those who suggest upgrading from the DAC within your CD player. Use the player as a transport.  Check out the MDHT Orchid DAC.  Much info on this DAC in the ... 
Looking for an HDMI cable
@soix Thanks for the FYI. I might be able to make the 0.5M length work.   
Looking for an HDMI cable
@soix Thanks! I own the DH LABS Silver Sonic AES cable.  This is probably one I should try.  I have contacted them. The price is right, just need to figure out the length as I am repositioning  components in my system.   I remain open for other s... 
Looking for an HDMI cable
@soix Good question! I should have added that info. I would purchase used if the right one came along. Many of my cables have been purchased that way. Thanks.  
Subwoofer Out VS Subwoofer Crossover
Given the new information I agree with @gdaddy1. I would set the system up without the subwoofer running the speakers full range. If you use the system for video also you could try the subwoofer via the RCA input when doing so. Value of this appr... 
Subwoofer Out VS Subwoofer Crossover
You can use your sub with the 701 the same as with your other integrated or you can use the RCA sub connection to the sub setting the crossover point on the sub to best compliment your speakers and run speaker wires to your main speakers. With the... 
Fritz Carerra Be + Audio Research Ref 3 = WHAT TUBE POWER AMP
I 2nd @hilde45's thought. Give Aric a call. Check out his website. He is great to deal with. All his products are point to point wired and can be modified to suit.   
Going Tubing
Given the impedance of your speakers as indicated by @soix  I would stick with your SS power amp and purchase a tube preamp.  
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
My 1st component system consisted of a Sansui AU-555. Added the matching Tuner a couple months later.  
Need help choosing my first amp for my first speakers
+1 @zlone  I would make an offer on this NAD amplifier enough below the asking price to cover shipping.     
Need help choosing my first amp for my first speakers
There is an AG add from Listen up Audio for a Cambridge Audio 851 integrated amplifier at $650 with free shipping.  You may want to check this out. A review from Steriophile is available online. Use the Wiim as a source only.  Take care of those ... 
Digital newbie
I am with those who have suggested you start with your computer. I stream Qobuz via my Mac Pro and when I find an album I find worthwhile to own I purchase the CD. I will someday purchase a dedicated streamer, however for now streaming serves for ... 
full range or mini's and a sub
I agree with most of what has been aforementioned. It would be nice to see responses  to the questions asked. I have truly enjoyed stand mount speakers with or without subs (yes, 2 better than 1) in smaller rooms.   
Fritz Carrera 7 Be and 300B power amp?
I also suggest you talk to John, owner of Fritz.  What is your room size?  I own Fritz Carbon 7s and use them in a 15x12x8' room driven by a PP tube amp with 20wpc. That is more power than is needed for my room.  With this amp the Carbons could f...