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What would you do?
Given the request, replacing one of the 3 SS devices, I with those that recommend a tube preamp to start.  A tube amplifier may follow.  I started that way and now have both a tube and a SS amp (in rotation)  in one system, and a tube/SS integrat... 
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
@jjss49  Happy new year to you as well!   One can not recommend or purchase speakers without consideration given to the room.  Yes, the Fritz speakers do best and offer quality bass when placed in smaller rooms.  Also serve as a great match with... 
Floor to Bookshelf
+1 @hilde45  I own the Fritz Carbon7s. Easy to drive, fit the description your looking for, would need to find a used pair to fit budget($2600 new). Contact Fritz, he sometimes has a discounted pair with return policy.   
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
+1 @mapman  When I first saw the title of this thread Fritz came to mind. Then I saw the budget, which is closer to my total system cost including Fritz speakers.   
New, Very Interesting CD Transport
@creativepart  I look forward to your thoughts. I also prefer to get a top loader and am considering the Jay's CDT2-MK3.   
New, Very Interesting CD Transport
Just to renew this thread, has anyone purchased the Shanling ET3 transport and is willing to comment on it's sound?    
Higher-End Class A/B vs. Class A Integrateds
Seems to me the rating for the Kinki at 8ohms was highly overstated and the relative low increase in rating at 4ohms indicates that amp is not suited for for a 4ohm speaker.    
Anyone with Aric Audio experience?
@wrm57  A very nice writeup. Thanks!  
Oldies that stick in your head...
@asvjerry   I appreciate the ears and nose thing. When I call my barber, I am requesting a 'ear cut' however also get a hair cut to leave more on the floor for my money.  
2024 Audio System Wish List
I am currently using a Cambridge CXC transport. Well  upgrade that soon. Likely with a Jays Audio CD2MK3.   
Speaker for 11x12 room
Great!  Sonus Faber makes great speakers. Enjoy the journey, spend some time with positioning. Please let know your discoveries. One thought I had was that even though your room is close to being square, it does open up to the kitchen therefore t... 
Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers
I am surprised he said that about the 120 SET amp. It is a 60wpc amplifier with a passive attenuator. It seems to me based on your OP that it would be a good candidate for your needs.   
Oldies that stick in your head...
I was 15 in 65. That Del Shannons song was a favorite.  
Tube preamp match with Solid Stare amp
Is the Coda 8 truly Balanced?  
Anyone with Aric Audio experience?
I concur with all that has been aforementioned. I purchased  the Special preamp from Aric as a demo model about 4 years ago and purchase his Transcend amplifier used from a fellow AGer a couple years later. Aric upgraded my Special to the Super la...