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Estate sale Fuselier speakers for $370 but I know nothing about them.
I was asking about the volume controls on back of the Rotel amplifier.       
Budget Amp for Sonus Faber
Hey, the OP is looking for something that fits his scenario. Yes the speakers will not exhibit what they are capable of however it sounds (no pun) like the Vidar fits his needs.   
Is my amp good enough?
 Congrats on a your purchase. I am happy for you. Sit back and enjoy the speakers.   
Schiit Bifrost 2/64 vs. Holo Audio Spring 3 -- brief listening notes
@hilde45 Nice thread. Looking forward to further thoughts.  
Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers
I imagine the Fritz speakers would also sound wonderful with the Don Sachs pre and F7 amplifier.   
Is my amp good enough?
Relax, you have received conformation that your current amp will be capable of driving the new speakers. You already have separates, thus have many options to go with regarding changes in amplification when/if you choose to do so.  The suggestion... 
Integrated with jacks for 2 sets of speakers?
There are many integrated amplifiers that have outputs for two psirs of speakers. they have a selector that will allow listening to either one pair or both at the same time.  Check out Vincent Audio for one example. I once owned a Vincent integra... 
Is my amp good enough?
+  @onhwy61 . I would listen to the speakers with your current amplification a while to let them settle in and yourself get to know them.Then ask yourself what you wish to improve and search out amplification that will provide desired improvement... 
SS Integrated Amp for Tannoy Turnberry GR Speakers
I auditioned my Tannoy Sterlings with a Luxman 550 integrated amp delivering 20wpc class A. Sounded wonderful. At home I have used a Pass XA25 on them, also sounding wonderful.   I prefer the use of a tube amp on them however. For SS I believe the... 
Ideas for Pre/Power $9000?
@lfromsalem Great idea! Good luck in your search.  
Amp first approach to build a system. Anyone did it ?
I own 3 systems, a living room one, a smaller dedicated room one, and one I setup outside during summer months. All have evolved, sometime having speakers looking for an amp, sometimes having an amp and looking for speakers. Sources have also chan... 
Match for McIntosh 352
Much more info is needed regarding room size, type of music listened to, loudness levels, presentation desired...    
@uncledemp  a great post. A stable business is one that sells all the product that is produced, can support all the customers made, and share rewards with a healthy and happy employee base.   
Ideas for Pre/Power $9000?
I agree that there are many choices for either a pre/power combination or an integrated. That said, I believe if you are willing to spend 9K on amplification you aught to be thinking on spending about the same on each of speaker and source improve... 
SACD is VERY confusing
Well, after following this thread thus far I have to agree that SACD is very confusing.