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How good is to use integrated amp as preamp with the preout feature
The best thing to do is to try. You wont hurt anything. Be sure to have volume down when swapping use of amplifiers.  There are always gain issues. With some preamp/amp combinations there can be too much gain with the result the volume control has... 
(Jolida) Black Ice Audio Foz SS-X Sound Enhancement
Great thread. May have to try the FOZ.  I will call Black Ice, they are good people, once owned a Jolida Fusion preamp, a great product for the money. I recently purchased a pair of the Apos Ray 12au7s for my Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 to replace the s... 
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
Though I did not see to respond to your original post. Thanks for getting back. Many do not. Given your desires and price range the Sudgen 21 suggestions seemed to me quite appropriate.  You made a great purchase.   
Looking for an HDMI cable
@vthokie83 Thanks for the recommendations. The Supra cable is under consideration once I move towards I2S.   
Anyone ever have, use or hear this tube?
@buellrider97 Will do! It may be a while as I have not received them yet and am leaving town tomorrow for a week.   
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
Given your quest, I support the Fritz recommendations. I use both the LRS+ and Fritz Carbon 7SEs in my 11x15' room. You would need different amplification for the LRS+s.  
Devore 093 compared to o96
Room size needs to be considered.   
How you know your system is improving?
Generally I change one item at a time. I have several tracks that I am very familiar with that I listen to after the change. If the piece is new one has to consider the break in aspect. That said, if the upgrade has true merit the improvement pres... 
Cool running, low powered power amp
+1 @fthompson251 I would talk to Aric of Aric Audio about his tube amps. He makes a couple SET amplifiers.   
Looking for an HDMI cable
@soix  Funny you should say that. Shortly after my last post I had similar thoughts. I often recommend Monoprice to my non audio hobby friends and thought I should try a less expensive cable to determine the benefits of I2S for myself prior to try... 
Anyone ever have, use or hear this tube?
@andynotadam  I just ordered a matched pair of the Apos Ray 12au7s Will try them out in my Rogue Sphinx V3.  Was thinking of trying the Mullard 4003s as well. Not interested in the expense of NOS for this amplifier. Thanks for the rec.  
Looking for an HDMI cable
@agisthos  @soix At this time I am using a DH Labs AES/EBU cable.1M long. My thoughts are that if/when I reconfigure my system to allow a short length of I2S I may try both the DH Labs and Vivlink cables.  At that time I will get back regarding my... 
Suggestions for power amps
I drive my Fritz Carbon 7SE MKII with the Pass XA25 as well as with an Aric Audio Transcend PP tube amplifier.  I get a wonderful soundstage, detail with a fine harmonic structure (non analytic), and quality bass in my 11 by 15' room with either a... 
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
@calvinj  I finally gotten around to this thread. I have enjoyed the many post that have focused on your original question, which to me did not seem structured to a price point.  The best DAC that i have heard is the one I currently have in my sy... 
Integrated for Cornwall IV
Aric Audio makes tube amplifiers that have volume control. If one's only sources are digital and switching between them occurs at the DAC they could be a great option. He incorporates variable damping (feedback), auto bias, and accommodate several...