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System advice
OOPS! The 'quality over quantity' statement was to be part of thought 2).  
System advice
I think one can put together a very nice sounding system for $3000. My thoughts toward accomplishing this: 1)Stay away for speakers that are difficult to drive. Think quality over quantity power. 2) Purchase a line level integrated amplifier. Pur... 
Speaker for 11x12 room
While I have never tried it, I think @soix has a valid alternative. I know some have had success with this approach. Would not rule it out. My approach was driven by my experiences in several rooms.  
Speaker for 11x12 room
1st I would move piano to bedroom. Then I would start with putting speakers along the 12.1 ft wall.  Left speaker spaced 3' from the glass door wall with curtain. The right speaker having about 6ft space between it and left speaker. Position the b... 
Tube preamp for pass labs ?
@maxdukecapone Wow, great products. I am using the Super line stage with an earlier version of the Transcend amplifier. Will likely have the Transcend upgraded to the latest version. What speakers are you using?  
Preamp Gain issues with high efficiency speakers
Yes, I am thinking the voltage output of your source is  unusually high.  
Tube preamp for pass labs ?
@maxdukecapone  Which ones did you purchase?  
Tube preamp for pass labs ?
Check out Aric Audio online. If interested follow up with a call. Great 6SN7 line stages. Tube rectified, point to point wired. Aric is great to deal with.  I use one of his preamps with my Pass XA-25.   
Tube preamp with Adcom amp
Another possibility would be a Quicksilver preamp.  
How good is good enough?
To me an audio system becomes "good enough" once one has acquired the experience to determine what most pleases, and puts together a system that best delivers on that, at a budget that doesn't derail other important aspects of one's life.  
another rookie question - preamp or or power amp
What is your current integrated? Do you feel the need for more power?  Maybe just looking for a different sound?  
Bookshelf Speakers for office ~$500
Check out Audio Advisor. Often have sales.  
Bookshelf Speakers for office ~$500
If mounting against a wall I would look for a closed box or a front ported speaker.    
I am looking to upgrade - looking for advice
What is budget?  Would you consider an integrated amplifier?  Vincent makes a tube/SS hybrid integrated that has a DAC onboard. They also make a hybrid preamp that mates with the SP-332. I have owned a Vincent integrated and it sounded wonderful... 
Estate sale Fuselier speakers for $370 but I know nothing about them.
Given that the volume issue is the same via the phono input and the tuner and it also seems that the gain from the Eskinsin is not much higher, only providing 3dB more gain when used direct into amplifier, I suspect that the amplifier is defective...