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Needle Clinic-Andy
Andy is awesome.  Price is good, advice is spectacular and he is faster than all of his competition. 
Help regarding SACD/CD players
Before I comment, what sounds better:  Playing 2 channel CD's through your NAD/Schiit combo OR playing the same CD's through your Yamaha OR playing those same CD's through the Yamaha/Schiit combo?I love SACD but the technology has its limitations.... 
Need speaker cable
Finley Audio https://finleyaudio.com/?product=stratus-speaker-cable One of the owners only uses Odyssey amps.  Knowing him, he would likely wind the cables for you and check them on his own amps. 
I am restoring a Stromberg AU-42 - 6L6G question
Can't you leave the caps but have all of the single once mounted underneath the chassis?  It can look neat and professional if someone ever opens it up and from the top it will all look mint. 
Dedicated 20 amp circuit - Electrician laughed!
I agree with the extra ground.  He obviously doesn't own a refrigerator or air conditioner...get another electrician.  Generally I can't hear the difference but with a dedicated grounded circuit I don't have any ground loop, hum or whine issues.Ge... 
12 years or 18 years?
For mental health reasons I gave up Bose 20 years ago...Single malts on the other hand are great.  Got some fun ones here:  Brenne, Sheep Dip, Nikka, Balcones and every Glenmorangie I can find just to start the list. 
Yamaha Amp M 35 with Carver Pre Amp C 2 ..?
The M series amps are great.  I've had many different versions.  This is the bottom of the barrel.  You are going to cook it with 4 ohms.  Yamaha historically has never liked low impedance.   
can i use a car amp in home
ebm is being kind 
Add an external DAC. Make my Oppo UDP-205 a true top player
The 205 is great for a multichannel.  Lots of better 2 channel DACs out there.  For 2 channel, my Chord Hugo has it beat. 
Active Not powered stand mount loudspeaker recommendations
harbeth 30.1??? 
Cartridge Damaged, need advise on getting new
Andy did a great job on my Clearaudio Panzerholz.  Replacement, even with the Clearaudio trade in, was way more expensive than a new cantilever and tip.Yes, he was very optimistic that his job would/could sound better than the original.  I had 4 c... 
Cartridge Damaged, need advise on getting new
Email Andy Kim at Needle Clinic.  He did a fabulous job on my Clearaudio (bent canteliver).  It sounds amazing and his turnaround is only about 3 days. 
Can anyone give details on some multi-channel thoughts/purpose?
I've got 5.1 for SACD but don't use it much.  SACD and DVD-A do sound pretty good.  Vinyl usually wins unless I'm feeling lazy and just want to immerse myself.For theater, it never seems like enough.  Who has a room large enough for 7.4.2 or even ... 
Traveling to Mentor Ohio - anyone close by??
Drive to pittsburgh and we will show you some hospitality 
Traveling to Mentor Ohio - anyone close by??
Don Better Audio in Cleveland.  You should call first.