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Upgrades to Sota Cosmos IV
My table is "dead silent" now.  With a record clamp, there is a chance that groove noise is occurring on your table but I have no clue if my maglev alleviates that.The maglev also helps to add another layer of isolation between your platter and th... 
Replacement power cord / supply for Chord Hugo / Linear PS
I would talk to Steven at theservicedepartment.comHe is the Hugo expert in the US.  Great guy and very honest. He did tell me that once a Hugo is charged you should always try to run it off of battery, not the wall wart.  He will set you straight ... 
Upgrades to Sota Cosmos IV
I recently upgraded the motor and bearing on my Jewel (keep your old platter).  My old motor was having a hard time keeping speed.  The new ones are amazingly precise.  The maglev bearing is dead quiet. However i do have a few reservations.  I had... 
Streaming Audio Cuts Out Frequently
I went from a 100 mbps router to a 1000 and it was the best 99 I ever spent 
Upgrade Ethernet when and how?
The couple is probably not a good thing.  Do a single long run if you can.  I may have some 50 footers sitting around if you need.  You can get a dlink or similar router for under $50. 
Recommendations on audio quality hearing aid
I've been through this with my dad.  It takes an audiologist to set really good hearing aids using an equalizer.  However, I don't think this will work for audio.  I have gone so far as wearing his hearing aids.  The sound is clear, the quality su... 
Any good shelf systems out there?
If you can forgo the CD, look at Geneva Labs radios.  Some of the Models have DAB radio, FM, Bluetooth and more.  If you look on ebay for the older models, I think the model S and a few others had CD players built in. 
Upgrade Ethernet when and how?
I had huge improvements when moving to a 1000 mbps router.  The sound is one thing, the quality of streaming, lack of drop outs and quality of consistent signal was improved.  Upgrade your router to keep the traffic moving. 
How do you properly size a speaker?
The wattage rating on a speaker means little.  1 watt of distortion can blow a speaker much faster than 100 clean watts.You might want to look at more efficient speakers instead of their size or age.  This is why vintage Klipsch, Cervin Vega or Re... 
Preamp with HDMI inputs
I like the outlaw suggestion.  A similar choice would be emotiva.  The UMC 200 is great for around $300 used.  HDMI in/out and has a really nice dac.  It's compact and not loaded with tons of garbage like HT receivers.  The XMC 1 is more money but... 
Options besides a computer for streaming
Why not use your phone?  Even an older phone on wifi only.  Tidal will work fine. 
Help convince me to buy a vintage Mcintosh MC240/MX110z setup!
Been there, done that.I really prefer vintage units by Fisher, Scott & Pilot. 
Need a new DAC
Roberjerman-are you just poking a bear or serious?The Dave is awesome.  I'd look at some tubes like Border Patrol, Audio Research, VAC or solid state like Bricasti. 
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
Buy 4 Bose 901's and get 2 really big subs, or better yet 8 really big subs.  You will have non directional sound everywhere and gut wrenching bass.  There's your club sound.For amps, go with Crest or similar.  Huge monoblocks, a whole rack.   
Looking At CD Players
I have a 105.  It is an amazingly versatile player but not the best for 2 channel.  However, you already own it and know the build quality.  Keep it and look for a DAC.  I use a Chord Hugo-what an amazing upgrade.