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USB compatability
https://www.amazon.com/CableCreation-Micro-Compatible-Android-Tablet/dp/B01M5GZ3N0/ref=sr_1_12_sspa?...=Just because the cable fits...means nothing.One side must say host.  In other words these cables only work in one direction. 
USB compatability
Are  you using a basic phone to USB cable?  That won't work.  You need an OTG cable, on the go cable.  It looks like a normal micro to usb but it's not.  Amazingly cheap fix. 
Need to know what speakers and/or source?Do you like warm and tubey? 
Dac With usb
Looks like you need both a digital input (from CD/DVD) and a USB from the computer?  Correct?  Do you need just 2 channel output, headphone out as well?  Need more details. 
Is there any merit in former SOTA gear,
As I sit here listening to my Sota table...YES THERE IS MERIT.My Sota is amazing.  However, keep in mind that most old Sota tables have speed problems.  You will end up investing in either a motor replacement or a speed control upgrade.  These can... 
Any Black Friday tube sales?
Everything at Tubesandmore.com is on sale 
Driving different pairs of speakers with different speaker wire lengths
I think the Sonus Fabers are giving it a hernia.  They are probably 4 ohms and dip lower.  That older receiver can't take it.  It's not the Klipsch or the wires.  14 gauge can't make that much of a difference. 
Phone to receiver, or streamer?
Your phone has physical limitations on sound quality.  Bluetooth streaming is not the end all.  Bluesound has a 30 day guarantee.  Try for yourself.  They wouldn't do this if they didn't have confidence. 
Which in-wall speaker wire
The main issue you don't want to face is humm.  Shielded cable helps a ton.  I would be more worried about crossing over any other wires or sources that could cause issues. 
Basic questions for newbie
If you like the sound out of the VTL then buying a longer cable seems like a no-brainer?  Most good cables are really lightweight.  You will never get better sound wirelessly. 
Listening room setup + library
Great pictures.  Books do wonders for absorbing sound.  You can probably even put those speakers closer to the walls if they are packed with books.  Just be careful which speakers you pick.  Some like small rooms better than others.  Bookshelf spe... 
What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC original or V2?
I think the Cambridge is better than the Oppo.  Definitely warmer/smoother. 
Policy question: can I give away stereo equipment out here (asking for shipping)?
audiogon will still charge for the ad.  Try usaudiomart 
Empty canvas: recommendations on blending audio and moving watching
Digital out from the tv will work fine.However, to get real movie sound you either need a sound bar, center channel speaker or similar.Most TV's have crummy sound.  However, some of the nicer TV's have some higher quality sound built in, including... 
Advice on CD transport
2nd for the Cambridge.  Does its job very well.