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Odyssey Audio Kismet integrated amp.
With the right speaker it will sound great.  With the wrong speaker it sounds harsh & overly forward.  With inefficient multiway speakers that needed a hard push loved these.  My 94db two ways made me want to break out my clock radio.  Auditio... 
What do I need to connect computer to DAC
I've got a music fidelity vlink.  Contact me if interested.  For the price you won't do better-and it will be cheap. 
Atmos Height Speaker Height...How High?
Great Room and some really nice 2 channel gear.  Question: Have you ever seen ceiling mounted speakers in a movie theater?  They mount on the walls up high but never that high.  I don't see a system correcting for something so far out of the "norm... 
Airplay vs Ethernet - tidal
Bluetooth APTX is 24 bit if I'm correct.  You can definitely hear the difference if you source is up to it.  Even the Audio Engine is nice.  Chord Hugo is really nice. 
A question for those in the know about streaming FM/Music sound quality
You can get hi res streaming from Tidal and a few others for a fee.  There is high resolution streaming from some radio stations too.A lot depends on your system.  Do you want a "streamer" to program and work as a pre-amp/DAC or will you use a com... 
Convert USB to SPDIF
I've got the vlink mentioned above.  How about $50 shipped? 
Musical fidelity v link 96 compatibility os
Yes, with 7 & 10.  I avoid 8 
Wanting to test my system's (and room) ability to recreate bells - any suggestions?
The SACD Tubular Bells is the standard to test by.  Pretty wild in 5.1 but will play in stereo too. 
Multi Zone Audio in ceiling speakers
So, I more or less gave up with 8 niles zones.  Every time the power went out it took forever to reset the whole mess.I've got an audioengine bluetooth receiver so all of my systems can share music a web cast if I want to hear the same thing in al... 
Multi Zone Audio in ceiling speakers
A-buy sealed enclosure speakersB-roxul insulation to help contain soundC-go wireless where possible.  I've got an entire niles set up with a denon multi-zone receiver and it's complicated to say the least.  Want it?D-When I reconfigure my system I... 
put tube amp on to shelf of a rack
Lowes sells a $20 forklilft called a flat dolly.  Carpeted square with 4 wheels and can handle a refrigerator.  Wheel the amp where you need, even up a small homemade ramp.  Just have some sort of wedge to keep the dolly from moving when shifting ... 
Turntable issue
I've got the maglev in my sota.  If the table is totally level, the platter will spin dead silent and freely with the belt off.  These are very precise installations and any deviations will ruin this.  My platter actually floats and has a bit of s... 
Upgrade Question
Find a friend, borrow a DAC.  Redbook cd's haven't changed so your cd player might be fine.  Either borrow from a friend or demo from a local store to see if it's worth it.  What city are you in?  There might be a local froiup who can help you. 
Which SACDs?
SACDs have a much higher bit rate than Red Book CDs.  They should sound better, all things being equal.   
What tube amp for Harbeth 40.1
All tubes run really hot, the more power the more heat dissipation.  I love Border Patrol with Harbeths but that is a lot of tubes.You could consider a hybrid amp?  Tube for gain stage but SS output.  That will run cooler (rogue sphinx for sale he...