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Cheap hearing aids?
You need to see an audiologist first.  Not all hearing loss is equal.  Then get hearing aids set up to compensate for your issues.  Your R&L are probably not even the same.Do it right, don't make yourself more miserable. 
Is it worthwhile to upgrade an old but quality DAC?
I would not say my 105 is reference quality.  My emotiva pre sounds better and my Chord crushes it.  The 105 is great for SACD and theater. 
Disappointment with Pass Labs - I'm looking for something else
I used tubes, pass, threshold, mac and more with my cornwalls and just never was totally content.  Swapped out the klipsch for Coincident and have been delighted since.  Kkipsch can be awesome but not all of the time for everything. 
Why do you need so much power?
You don't need watts, just good power supplies for dynamic headroom.  I'm delighted with my 10 watts all day long.  My 100 watt monoblocks are gathering dust. 
Tariff for used item from Canada to US
Forgot to say:  Ship via USPS and this won't happen.  UPS sucks! 
Tariff for used item from Canada to US
UPS has been using a new system.  I don't know if this is a sub-contractor or new division.  Not only do they try to collect "legitimate" tarriffs, the fees involved are highway robbery.  I ship all of the time both ways across the border and only... 
Recommended Phase Inverter 12AT7
What are you looking to accomplish?  Want it warmer, want more detail or more gain?  To me RCAs are the best in my system but it all is subjective. 
Chord DACs .. who has moved across to them from R-2R based DACs ?
I moved from a Schiit to a Chord and never looked back.  I was very surprised at how different the Chords sounded.  I did not like the Mojo, 2Qute or Qutest.  They were all too forwards sounding to me.  The Hugo is more laid back and not at all fa... 
Suggestions for side wood panel selection / choice for a custom 2A3 build...
https://www.woodcraft.com/categories/dimensional-lumber?width%5B%5D=3%22These are wood blanks that can be used as knife scales (handles).  The grains can be amazing and most of these materials are almost indestructible.  The one thing to consider ... 
Living with unsolvable hum - Any audio detectives out there?
2 items I haven't seen mentioned:1-Did you move your system to a new room?  I know it's not easy to say the least.  You could run a really long extension cord from another side of the house?  Not sure it will help.2-Did you try different amps.  It... 
What's your best 'Score'?
dill, were you itchy for a week after??? 
What's your best 'Score'?
A girl from Madrid in a piano bar in London... 
What's your best 'Score'?
A girl from Madrid in a piano bar in London... 
Dedicated Music Room Recessed Lighting (High Hats)?
Bkeske is sooo right!Plus, no heat.  Make sure you buy dimmable ones. 
The horns ask for tubes or class A. 16 ohms also ask for tubes.However, you need a lot of power, minimum 60 wpc.  That rules out a lot of tube amps.