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Single driver vs traditional 3 way loudspeakers
My Merrill Zigmahornets are amazing!  Yes, no bass below 50hz and no highs above 15khz with these 4" drivers.  I don't care! The rest of the range is so natural and open that I never miss it.  10 watts is plenty to make them sing.  These are lousy... 
Speaker shootout update; aggressive treble eliminating some (fairly?)
One thing I don't see is your listening position.  If you are trying to fill the entire room with sound you will have reflection problems.  I would be that if you try some nearfield listening that the sound will be much more palatable.  A pair of ... 
Best tabletop system - cost no object
A pair of devialet phantoms?  On the other end of the realm, a restored Telefunken tabletop unit with a streamer or dac into the aux. 
100W, 200W, or 300W?
Doubling the wattage will only get you an extra 3db.  You need about 10db to hear a perceived doubling in volume.  Macs have great headroom due to massive transformers.  I would think a 100 watt Mac should outperform your HK.You are looking at int... 
Want it Incorporate video into current audio only system,
Your Oppo clearly has a better DAC than any TV.  For that reason I would use either digital or hdmi from the TV to the Oppo.  The Oppo is already connected to your pre, so you are good to go.  The tv should output all smart sources to the Oppo, in... 
Impedance matching between pre and power amps
Have you tried running this un-bridged?  Are you getting a lot of output using just one channel?  What is the impedance on your speaker?   
Good Stereo Speakers for outside use during BBQs, evening pot luck dinners etc
Will they get rained on?  Do you need much bass?  Can they be permanently mounted? 
RCA switch / 2 in 1 out or 4 in, 1 out.
BTW-AL, I appreciate the response.  You are almost always correct!  See, you can teach an old dog new tricks. 
RCA switch / 2 in 1 out or 4 in, 1 out.
Honestly, the quality of what you are doing won't suffer with some more compromises.  Buy a pair of Y cables. 
speaker recommendation for 35watt tube mono blocks
Coincident Dynamo 
Noob dac question.
Streaming via bluetooth has limitations.  It should sound good but will sound better with either wifi or wired connections. 
What's a better choice? Manley Steelhead Phono or Audio Research Reference 2SE Phono?
If I had to narrow down my choices to two-this would be it.  Price and tube complement might make my decision. 
Noob dac question.
Are you using the B1 DAC via bluetooth or wired?  Bluetooth has some limitations when compared to toslink or coax.  My money is on the Outlaw. 
Is This A Bad Move?
Make sure you fill those holes with silicone 
Help regarding SACD/CD players
I agree with Jazzman.  Go for a DAC first.  You can use the Yamaha as both SACD and digital out to the DAC.  If you go hard core on SACDs then upgrade later.  A single player should make your wife happy with the "mess".I have a 105 for SACD/DVD-A ...