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Power Amplifiers
My main office amp is an early 1960s Masterwork tube amp (designed by Pilot).  Nothing can touch it's 10 watts of amazing sound. 
Just curious — Crown xls 5202 amplifier
I've owned clubs, Crown, QSC, Crest and others have huge power ratings.  They really crank but with limited bandwidth and 1% distortion levels.Put one in a home system against a 400 watt McIntosh or similar and let your ears do the rest... 
External Hard Drive
SSD are much more expensive but much quieter and more reliable.  Ripping music is a lot of work.  It stinks when the drive fails.  You should either have a pc, NAS or second drive to back up to, especially if not using a solid state drive. 
Coincidence Triumph Signatures
They were 1099 new.  A good guess would be 350.  Matching stands would add 100.  I've seen Conquests going for 300-500 lately.  These are 20 years old. 
HiFi tube equipment repair technician in the Seattle area
Call Echohifi.com in Portland.  They love what they do. 
Frustrated with Vinly
1-Listen to Al.  2-What city are you in.  We will find you some friends. 
Pre-amp tubes like 12au7 and 12ax7 can last 5000-10,000 hours.  You can get different sound from different brands or even models with a brand.  Orange Globe Amperex are very nice and expensive to replace.  Keep them.  You can pick up others if you... 
Help with new home
That's why I wouldn't buy any one else's finished basement. 
Asking suggestion for $15,000 audio system for classical music
What city are you in?  You need to visit some good dealers.  How about joining some user groups to hear other people's systems.  Save you money for a few months yet. 
Digital coaxial advice needed
I'm still lost with your request?  You have 2 pc's that you want to connect to your nuprime, correct?  Your nuprime only has 1 usb input.  Why not pick up a SPDIF converter.  One of your pc's will go directly to the nuprime. The other pc will go t... 
Help with new home
Well, I see 2 issues with how you are searching:  First, most homes you will see are relatively empty.  Even if you drag a boom box or similar around with you, the sound will resonate much more from an empty house.  So, I'd nix that idea.Secondly,... 
Low Cost DACs
Cambridge DacMagic for 75 is a great little unit.  Personally, instead of using a laptop with pandora I have found that using my cell with Tidal gets much better quality sound and I can download as much as I want to my phone.  And you can take the... 
Chain of command
How many thumb drives do you have?  Can you put it all on a player like an astell & kern or even a Pono?  Other choice is put it all on micro sd cards (128gb) and put them in the phone.  Use an OTG cable ($5 on Amazon) to a real DAC.  Essentia... 
Best Bluetooth Transmitter for Vintage McIntosh?
sonicjoy, my audioengine goes much further than that.  They claim up to 100 feet and I agree.Submariner-normally I would say that most of your effort for quality is limited by using bluetooth, which is actually ok.  The real limitation is XM.  In ... 
Point of diminishing return for a DAC
I went from a bifrost to a chord hugo.  Law of diminishing returns didn't apply there.  HUGE difference.