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Why are there no tube televisions anymore?
I just finished reading "Return of the God Hypothesis" by Steven Meyer, which delves into molecular biology and Quantum Mechanics. Over the years the pattern has been well established. Those who have a strong inclination to think they are right an... 
Will sun exposure damage my speakers?
We may have found a thread on which the vast majority of audiogon participants agree! Success!  ;)  
If your down on your system…
If you had better cables, this wouldn't happen to you.  ;) 
Why do components sound different?
oldheaveymec, my response was to the OP.  
Why do components sound different?
He's an engineer who thinks he knows better and will enlighten us. We'll see if he humbles himself and learns over time.  :)  
Tornado and Thunder Power Cables
vanson1, you're wrong.  
So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
Ha, I was just going to suggest you chose the genre of speaker as first priority, but I see you have bought one. Kudos! Enjoy! Regarding Bluejeans Cables, see my review of Iconoclast Cables at for the relationship between these companies.  
Putting an end to the audio cable debate! Part 1
There have now been two suggestions to look at Belden cables. I point out in my review that Galen Gareis was head of development at Belden, and leaned upon his years of research there as an engineer to develop his own audio cables - Iconoclast. I ... 
Why do components sound different?
I think you don't understand HiFi.  :( 
who makes your fav cable loom in 2021?
blindjim, you asked, "would you say it is likely the aspect of diminishing returns is applicable as well to the presumably good, beter, best levels of refinement inherent in each modle?"As I have not heard all three levels of Iconoclast Cables, I ... 
The two stages of audiophilia
Some people figure it out, and some don't.  :) 
I had wanted the 3" soft dome experience for a long time, ever since reviewing the Wharfedale Opus 2-M2 for years ago. I found a used pair recently for under $1K. I'm quite pleased and have it running with four channels of the Legacy Au... 
who makes your fav cable loom in 2021?
Jim, simply put, the three lines of cables are all designed similarly, according to modeling and measurements done by Galen Gareis, who, if I recall correctly, was not just an engineer, but head of development at Belden. Audiophiles should rejoice... 
So what ever happened to Kinki Studio???
Because the EX-M1+ (I reviewed and own the version just prior to the one with the gold heatsinks exposed; see my review at has such splendid flexibility to be an integrated, preamp or amp, it offers many ways to achieve a superior resu... 
Best way to spend $1000 on used bookshelf speakers?
I acquired a large monitor I had enjoyed years ago when reviewing it for, the Wharfedale Opus 2-M2. It has similar wonderful 3" soft dome midrange that has appeal in the ATC and PMC speaker lines. I got my pair for $750 and have them ma...