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Avalon Acoustics
A speaker maker that in some respects reminds me of Avalon is Aspen Acoustics. See my review of the Lagrange L5 MkII at, and my system pics showing the preproduction model ($15K) of the Lagrange L1, which I will review. The MSRP to perf... 
The smoothest amp you've heard?
Ok, if you don't want smooth, go for jagged, rough, harsh, unforgiving. Your choice.  
Get the best from your system while listening without any cost
Not wasting my time searching for anyone’s system when they can point to it or list it. "Very substantial" is a throw away phrase.  
Better CD Sound: The Search
ghdprentice, +1Oh, yeah, NAK deck. Still have my CR-1A, which was down the line, but WOW did that deck destroy the other purportedly great competitors! At times I think I should pull it out and experiment with recording CDs on cassette again. I fi... 
Best Speaker Choice for my very "non-audio-friendly" Living Room
Yup, he said, "Imaging is not critical" = omni design.  
Get the best from your system while listening without any cost
georgehifi, please list your system from first power cord through to speakers, preferably with images. Thank you!   
Anyone dislike Ohm Walsh speakers?
Read my review at of the Ohm Acoustics F5 in comparison to the Ohm Walsh Model F to gain insight as to the nature of the Walsh sound.  
Cost Effective System Improvement?
You're done! That's it! From this point it's all diminishing returns.  ;) 
Bye Bye Puppy!
Interesting experience with two very different speaker designs
arafiq, you said, "Are there are any DIYers out there making products that can beat the usual suspects including KEF, B&W, Klipsch, Tekton, Harbeth, etc.? I'm sure there are, but I'm willing to bet that they are the exception not the norm. The... 
Why do amplifiers sound different?
Based on his posting history,  not worth my time to engage.  Have fun with it, team!I'll say my usual: The greatest impediment to advancing an audio system is the audiophile.   :) 
Interesting experience with two very different speaker designs
Every genre of speaker brings its own unique set of characteristics. It should be understood that if you switch genres of speakers, you will hear a mix of attributes quite different from the previous. It should also be expected that you will likel... 
Should I pull the trigger?
My quick take; I wouldn't be surprised if the Triangle speakers were perceptually superior. The driver config. is different enough to assure it wouldn't be a clone.  
Class D recommendations for woofers in biamp set-up---size matters
If you love the Red Dragon S500, you will adore the Legacy Audio i.V2 Ultra. I reviewed both the Red Dragon and Legacy (i.V4 Ultra) amps for The Legacy i.V Ultra is an extremely articulate amp.  
HiFi vs MidFi
The answer as to what constitutes Mid-Fi versus Hi-Fi is predicated upon the habitus of the audiophile. The average person thinks that lower end rigs are higher than they are. The person with a tremendous amount of system building experience knows...