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Fidelity vs. Musicality...........Is there a tug of War?
The terms are properly seen as synonyms, not antonyms. You are screwing up the endeavor of creating a superior rig and listening experience when you see them as antithetical.  :( 
Fidelity vs. Musicality...........Is there a tug of War?
Musicality is what one settles for when deciding not to elevate a system further. A false dichotomy is created (In premium systems fidelity and musicality are not antithetical) to support one’s budgetary constraints, the decision to accept a certa... 
If there’s an audiophile exit ramp, this ain’t it…
Ok, goodbye. Enjoy your system!  :)  
What process do you use to purchase cables?
I hate this site's autocorrect feature.  Sorry,  tvad! 
What process do you use to purchase cables?
toad, LOL, I just noticed, I suspect error correction. Of course, my intent was reapproach (the error correction almost messed it up again!)  
System building; a meditation
Variety is my solution to the vain attempt to build a uniquely superior audio system.  
What process do you use to purchase cables?
unreceiveddogma, I encourage you to reproach the topic as an adult. You thought you were sharp back then. Staying with that worn out account, neglecting the advancements in science that sink your worldview, is not so sharp today.   
RME ADI-2 fs DAC: Not Loving It
nicktheknife, power supplies do make a substantive difference, but imo they do not save the DAC. While an upgraded PSU is nice, it will not utterly transform the DAC such that it would outperform any other given DAC with similar treatment. Power c... 
RME ADI-2 fs DAC: Not Loving It
The affordable wonder-DACs are not, a wonder, that is. They can vary radically in performance between systems. Typically a system has to be changed several times to maximize the introduction of a new DAC. In some cases the system is superb with it... 
Marantz PM Ki Ruby and RME ADI 2 (Am I crazy?)
You built two different systems.  You would have a problem if they did not sound different.   :) 
Is it time for new surge suppression devices?
Wife = splurge suppression device.Oh, surge suppression. ;) 
Subwoofer Connection: Speaker Level Amp to Line Level on Sub?
I often split the pre out to supply line level to both speaker amp and sub. 
Anybody own a component that sounds better with the cover off?
Yes; the Eastern Electric Minimax DACs that I have sound better with the covers off, because I have rolled into them discrete opamps.  
The "Snake Oil" Trope
femoore12, congratulations on your discovery. That was nice of your friend to loan you the cables. Likely, as with most other skeptics, you would not have changed your mind had you not experienced it. The interesting part is that were you to test ... 
Tri-Art Class D
I reviewed the Tri-Art Amp, along with several other products, including their excellent speakers, at I was taken aback by how good that inexpensive little class D amp play�ed. Note that it does not have enormous power, but with desktop...