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Crosby and Nash Live....Another Stoney Evening
probably no longer selling it...send gd an email and enquire 
Neil Young - Like a Hurricane
The original version was released on "American Stars and Bars" which has Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt guesting. Lovely ballad called "Star of Bethlehem" on this one, too. One of his better albums to me. 
In what ways is Mark Levinson better than Krell?
one don't see too many 27.5 or 23.5 models for sale...yes, they regularly come up bot not that often compared to the newer models it seems to me....they are classics as is the krell ksa 50 and the threshold sa3 
300b vs 845
If the power supply design is correct and of adequate capacity heat should not be an issue with a correctly designed 300b. My Audio Note Conqueror was a space heater; my custom 300b tube rectified amp runs warm but does not materially impact the a... 
Does this preamp exist?
I would urge you to consult a qualified technician familiar with Tandberg products. I just had a pretty bad experience with a Tandberg 3008A. One tech said he will no longer take them in for service due to extremely costly replacement parts from T... 
Quality CD player to also serve as external DAC?
Cal Audio has been out of business for ten years or close to that. If it breaks it could be a proprietary part and you are pretty much screwed unless you want to start building a pile of these things to scavenge parts. Some of their transports/pla... 
Spectral and Accuphase
I used a Spectral DMC6 preamp with a McIntosh MC225 and a levinson 27.5 and it sounded very good; sold it only as it was getting old and I was bored. Damned good preamp. 
need info on phono pre......... CHEAP
Check out the Bellari at 199 at the Needle Doctor..it has a nice little tube to give you some tube sound..supposedly excellent for the price 
Beginning the Analog Adventure
good advice above... 
Quality CD player to also serve as external DAC?
musical fidelity Pre24 CD...has two coaxial and toslnk inputs and two coaxial and toslink outputsthree line level inputs w/tape moniter, record outone pair of preamp outsA/D converter so can you record analogue to digital (get those LPs to CDR)ana... 
For those interested in the PrimaLuna Prologue One
For about the same money get a modified Jolida 102b el84 push/pull integrated from Response Audio. With the mods a very good tube amp is made into a much better amplifier. Sounds great with Lowthers, too. About a grand for a new totally modded one... 
2a3 or 300b amp for me ?
For less than 2000 I'll second the Decware or Fi suggestion. I'd go with a 300b and get the additional power. With your efficient speakers it is quite critical that any amp you get be well designed/executed as they will amplify the slightest bit o... 
Best small intro to tubes?
one more rec.....a pair of VTL Tiny Triodes (TT25)...great amps and plenty of power at 25 watts per channel...priced under a grand used...big thumbs up here 
Best small intro to tubes?
Check out Decware at www.decware.comYou'll be hard pressed to find a nicer sounding amplifier for the kind of money these things cost. you will require efficient speakers, however, as these amps are fairly low powered. They are a very high quality... 
Buying brand new unheard equipment.
One company makes a quality phono stage and offers a 30 day trial: Decware. Take a look at their phono stage; nicely done, simple with only three triode tubes and supposedly very good. My partner has auditioned one and said it is up there with the...