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Not another which is best but, I need help w/CDP
used sony dvp-s7700 at 200 to 275 used; great redbook transport that reads CDR discs no problem...very high quality unit and a steal as a used unit. very good dvd player, too, although no progressive scanthis was a top of the line unit and is very... 
Best integrated amp for about 2.5k
go krell or spend a bit more and get the levinson.... 
recomending power to speakers
Try the 4 ohm taps first before you throw money at it. You also might have the amp checked out depending on its vintage as tube amps do require periodic service to replace caps, tubes, and so on.I used a Levinson 27.5 with Thiel 2.2 CS speakers an... 
Whose sorry now? Sellers remorse from selling amp.
Shoulda kept the Levinson 27.5Shoulda bought the Bedini 25/25Want a Threshold SA3...just becauseHappy with current custom 300b SET interstage coupled mono amps.Still miss the Levinson mostly as I see they have actually gone up in value since I let... 
Cartridge advice needed, dynavector 20xh now what?
I have both the Dynavector DV20XH and a Shelter 501 11. The Shelter is clearly better and I note some of the same improvements as noted in the original poster of the ZYX over the Dyna. Having said that the Dynavector is an excellent cartridge for ... 
300b vs 845
Assuming the amps are of similar quality you will have more power with the 845. All things being equal expect the 845 to be more expensive simply due to the larger chassis and transformers required. The more power you get the more heat the amp wil... 
best turntable under $5k
If still available there is a lovely Teres 255 for sale. 
Turntable motor upgrade, Origin Live
I'd take a look at the used Teres 255 for sale before putting over a grand into a Well Tempered table. 
Single Driver Horn vs Multi driver efficient spker
My partner is using our own Three Dimension Audio SET amplifier with a pair of Samadhi speakers. They are floor standing, multi driver, rated at 94db/4 ohms, and are full range; ie, no sub is required.Our amplifier is rated at 8 watts and uses cus... 
Which musician retired too soon?
Jim Messina. Despite the current Loggins and Messina tour Messina has largely not toured except for the occasional show. Great musician, songwriter, and instrumentalist not to mention producer and engineer. 
4 must have hours of baby boomer music?
no babyboomer party would be complete without some dead 
Suggestions on a good shelf system?
used linn classik...preamp, amp, cd player, and some with optional tuner...about 900 to 1200 used depending on age and options 
More Line Inputs Needed
47Lab makes an excellent product called the chooser.Decware also offers a switching box which I would assume to be of higher quality than what you can acquire from Radio Shack (might want to try one since they are throaway cheap).Creek offers a ni... 
Can I install a new arm on this old table?
Rather than; spacers I would suggest a nice VTA adjuster. The best one does not require the arm to be removed to change the height (as in with spacers; major PITA). 
noise thru tube pre??
This also shows the importance of a chassis designed to absorb resonances and not pass them to the tubes. Most units use folded sheet metal which is inadequate. Very few preamp manufacturers, except for the Very Expensive ones, use correct chassis...