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Warm and pleasing CDP - can be biased, colored
Vecteur L 4.2..wonderful player and spectacular transport 
What would you do?
I have this Tandberg 3008A preamp; I was screwed by the Audiogon seller and in the middle of a the dispute process. the only way to battle these irreponsible buyers, and sellers, is to use the feedback system. Go for it.You should definitely leave... 
Confusion reigns - tube amp,ss amp, integrated..??
With a quality subwoofer your speakers should work quite well. A high quality tube amp based on the 300b tube is an obvious choice or, for more power which you probably don't need, look to a 845 or 211 based tube amplifier.For a quality 300b ampli... 
HT receiver that can reproduce 2 ch across spkrs
Most home theatre receivers, esp the japanese ones, have a five channel stereo option...good for listening when you are doing housework 
How do I easily add surround to my 2 channel setup
technics sch500sony spd9ES (close enough0above two are inexpensive ways to add quality dolby digital sound to an existing system...the sony sounds wonderful; have no experience with the technics but it adds DTS....a basic quality RCA switchbox is ... 
Thoughts on Plasma, LCD, DLP and which way to go
For 3 to 4k a nice, true HD, Sony plasma can be had with HDMI input and the usual inputs/outputs. The resolution is advertised as 1024 x 1024.For less than half that a 42" rear projection DLP HDTV is a damn good buy; have seen a Sony Wega for some... 
What is better turntable? Thorens TD127 or TD520?
depends on the price, of course; think I've only seen one 530 for sale here on audiogon and it was very, very expensive and think it was located in germany 
big bucks on dvd player worth it??
An excellent DVD player is the used Philips q50 (close) for 150; these retailed for 600 originally and Good Guys closed them out at 220, I recall. Anyway, they have a great picture; would not use for a quality CD transport but for video it is grea... 
Suggest a tube integrated for me . .
What kind of speakers do you have and what are their basic specs; ie, impedance, sensitivity? 
Replace sunfire true sub with what ?
avrij..in a smaller room the rel strata II or III works quite well; very musical, slam when required, and a ten inch downfiring woofer..small footprint..about 600 to 900 used; III model is more expensive and worth it if you can swing it....better ... 
Which Tube Preamp under $10K?
Also, for that kind of money why not just have custom line stage built? We can do that for a lot less money that you are talking about. It would use a 5842 for the driver tube and quality output transformers. 
Playing with the idea of solid state amps
Consider an Orpheus amplifier 
Which Tube Preamp under $10K?
McIntosh makes a lovely tube preamp; ie, the c22 reissue and the c2200. 
Is a HO MC cartridge a good choice for me?
You can always acquire a decent transformer moving coil step up unit. K & K Audio sells such transformers, they are quite good, and they are modestly priced. So, you can use lo output should you desire at a cost of about 300 total for the tran... 
Cream at Madison Square Garden
Boycott Clear Channel entertainment; patronize your local venues. This is one monopoly we can boycott and still get on with our lives (unlike oil...).I weakened and bought nice seats for Loggins and Messina; it was a disappointment although the An...