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Playing with the idea of solid state amps
No experience with those but a good friend recently switched from a lush shounding Conrad Johnson MV60SE to a 47 Labs 50 watt gaincard. He really likes the sound of this amplifier through his Spendors. Probably a keeper. I'll stick with my SET 300... 
Think I'm going to try tubes...
If you really like these speakers take a look at a quality 300b push/pull tube amp. We installed such an amplifier as part of an installation for a five way horn system. The 15" woofer is rated at 85db/8 ohms. Our push/pull tube amp replaced a pai... 
Folk/Rock choices that are well recorded
My original Neil Young (self titled) Pioneer-Warner Brothers Japanese pressing has wonderful sound despite the surface scratches and I listen to it often. 
What Turntable to buy under $600 ?
stock rb300 is pedestrian....rb300 with silver wire and a quality heavyweight (michell, others) moves it into another category....AND defeating the spring loaded VTF and using dynamic balancing helps, too! 
Good passive subwoofer?
I support the raw sub (cabinet with driver/s and inputs; no passive crossover built in) in conjunction with an external active crossover and external amplifier. This provides much more flexibility as well as allowing one to place the electronics o... 
Think I'm going to try tubes...
VTL MB450 might do the trick. I would suggest if you really want to experience what quality tubed gear can do you acquire a pair of high efficiency speakers. A pair of Living Voice Avatar speakers hit yesterday at 2200; wonderful speakers and 8 wa... 
I'm FINALLY finished: new 2-channel system
Think you'll love the new system. But, no reason to dump home theatre except for cosmetic and space considerations in my book. The home theatre part of a system does not have to be and "end game" system. Add an inexpensive HT processor like a Sony... 
What Turntable to buy under $600 ?
second P3 for ease of setup although the arm is pedestrian when stock.....a new technics 1200 by kab is a good alternative at 625 and may outlast you....... 
Break in period for tube amp. How long?
Capacitors should not be an issue with a "new" tube preamp; guess I was daydreaming and thinking of tubed preamps that have been unused for a long time....those should be checked out a by a tech before putting into service.A friend and I fired up ... 
Talisman II cartridge by Sumiko
I definitely know this is a low output cartridge. I get a pic of the package, manual, and cartridge so ID is simpler. 
from solid state to tube
My friend moved from a Conrad Johnson MV60SE amplifier to a Lab 47 Gaincard (50 wpc model) and is quite pleased. He still wants a tube amp but his budget cannot afford what he wants (high powered SET or push/pull interstage coupled amp). 
Beginnners question - Phono stage
an inexpensive and decent sounding step up transformer can be ordered from audio cubes for 131 landed; it is the denon AU300LCwww.audiocubes.comit is not the last word but it does not cost 500 to the sky, either 
Break in period for tube amp. How long?
Something about the capacitors "not reforming" is what several techs advised me of 
Break in period for tube amp. How long?
Breaking in the capacitors, especially if is a common capacitor coupled design (rather than interstage tranny), is very critical. Takes hundreds of hours for the caps to be broken in fully. 
CAT Ultimate/Tube rolling
NOS means NEW old stock; ie, NOT used...if they are used then they are not NOS.they are simply usedright?