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The best speaker you ever heard?
update...best I've heard is the Magico five way hybrid speakers which require external crossovers and ten channels of amplification. Four 3 Dimension Audio SET and one push/pull (on the 86db woofer) 300b interstage coupled amp with custom tubed ac... 
Tube amp, size and power info........
It is not designed for a standard rack mount space but for 500 bucks take a look at the Decware Zen amp; it has the right power for your 99db speakers. www.decware.com 
speaker outs to rca adapter....OK for headphones?
I have my eyes open for a used pair of the akg cans hitting audiogon; am pretty happy with the Ultrasone and Grado sr125 cans so far. 
SET for Orchestral , Big Band etc.
All things being equal (power, class A, good components) a similar powered push/pull tube amp will have a bit more "slam" than a comparable SET amplifier. A quality 300b push/pull interstage coupled hard wired amp with quality trannies will make y... 
speaker outs to rca adapter....OK for headphones?
Ne'er mind; just ran two cheap Radio Shack speaker wire > RCA > mini plug adapter. Am using the Jolida 102b speaker terminals to drive the headphones directly. I am using the tuner input so I have full volume/balance facilities.It sounds gre... 
Crosby and Nash Live....Another Stoney Evening
There also may be a live recording of Crosby and Nash with Phil Lesh at UC Davis a few years back. I know I have the show on DAT somewhere and will eventually move it onto CDR. Anybody interested might check www.archive.org for this show; the year... 
Johnny Cash cd's
Japanese pressings of "Live at San Quentin" are around. I have one and it sounds very good except for the scratches; bought another copy, American, that is pristing but it does not sound as good as the japanese pressing. Both are more than adequat... 
Johnny Cash cd's
The last recordings of Cash are available on quality vinyl, too. I picked up the one with "Wayfaring Stranger", "don't back down", and "Bridge Over Troubled water". sounds very good. I found mine at the Analogue Room in San jose, CA 
Any experience w/ better equipment racks?
billy bags turntable rack is wonderful.... 
Quality CD player to also serve as external DAC?
I asked Peter Qvortrup (Audio Note UK) if he could add a digital input, or two, to his new CD player. His response was that it would add more complexity and, hence, cost. His advice was to buy an external dac.That is, unless you have that very goo... 
Need some help picking a subwoofer
REL Storm is basically a Strata with a more powerful amp, slightly larger cabinet (same footprint), and an interface with slightly different input options. It is a fine woofer, too; one replaced my Strata II. 
upgrade advice for budget-minded beginner
there is a partially upgraded Jolida 102b tube amplifier; it is one of the better chinese tubed units available. Would be surprised if not already sold at it's 375 price. This unit responds very well to basic parts upgrade as it has a good basic d... 
speaker advice' help needed
Samadhi, Living Voice 
VTL 5.5 questions
Check out the Airtight ATC1 phono preamp for sale; it is a very nice unit. 
Tube Integrated Amps
Audiomat Solfege