Zavfino prima mk2 speaker cables


anyone using this cable,? Looking to upgrade from Kimber 8TC



I don’t have direct experience with the Prima’s but I have several different Zavfino products and I think they are very good, and very reasonably priced. The Nova’s are a bargain for how good they are, as are their Fusion interconnects. Ray at RLI told me they run on thin margins and IMO you get a lot of bang for the buck and the build quality seems top-notch.


But what I will say, without exaggeration, is those few tracks were some of the most beautiful that have come from my system to date; I was spellbound and quite emotional.

That's what it is all about. 😁

Thanks @soix ​​​​​​ I was using NRG Custom Cables - "6:6" made by Nawaz in Canada. Great for the money, but I found them a little thick in the lower mids. They were great with my Triangles I had before the ATC’s, but I wanted to try something that was more evenly balanced if this makes sense

@painter24 Thanks for the info and look forward to your thoughts once they settle in more.  What cables were you using before?

Thanks to Zavfino’s UK distributor I purchased the cables through, I received my Prima mkii’s and 2 sets of jumpers this morning. Free shipping, and guaranteed next day delivery. Can’t argue with that for a start.

The packaging for the cables took me back; each cable came in it’s own large, black wallet, which were then inserted in to another larger wallet. I don’t how to describe it really, but anyone who’s bought Zavfino SCs will know what I’m talking about. Also, each set of jumper leads came in their own "pencil case" type wallet, the same design as the SC wallet but obviously a lot smaller. The SCs wallets were also enclosed in a ant-static bag; the kind that computer motherboards and graphics cards come in. Very impressive.

The cables and jumpers have only been in my system a few hours, so early days, but I’m already getting sense of what they do. I played a couple if tracks from the new Arooj Aftab album - "Night Reign". I won’t start describing aspects of the sound, as 1) I’m not that good at doing this, and 2) I know the cables will settle and change over the next xx number of hours . But what I will say, without exaggeration, is those few tracks were some of the most beautiful that have come from my system to date; I was spellbound and quite emotional.

I have been toying with the idea of maybe looking at alternatives to my ATC SCM40’s; I do like their almost monitor-like presentation, but this can be quite emotionally uninvolving. But, what I experienced earlier with the Prima mkii’s has made me pause to think again

(I have no affiliations with either Zavfino, or their UK distribution mentioned; in just a very happy customer. Both the product, and the excellent customer service. John at Summer House Sounds spent a good 40 minutes on the phone with me going over my needs, especially the make up of the 2 sets of jumpers I needed for the ATC’s triple sets of binding posts each side. He had an obvious enthusiasm and knowledge of Zavfino’s products)

@painter24 you definitely have the speakers to communicate the differences in cables. Let us know how you get on with them 😉

I've just ordered a pair of Prima mkii speaker cables and jumpers from Zavfino's UK distributor with a return option if I don't like them.

Read so much about Zavfino, all positive, plus @williewonka 's recommendation for those of us who do not possess the patience and skill to build their own, that I felt compelled to check them out. With a return option, I thought it's a win-win 😊


Can't wait to hear them 👍

@classicrockfan - I design and develop (i.e. build) cables for my own use only in my basement

Basically they are prototypes, since a single cable as published may go through several iterations before being posted

Once I am happy with a cable’s performance I post the details on how to build them on my website for any DIYer to see and copy

I’ve always built my own cables, starting with bulk cables from companies like Van den Hul, Furutech and DH Labs

An audio buddy had suggested I create a web site that contained all of my audio tweaks, like components isolation, cartridge tweaks and of course cables

Soon after it’s creation I started getting emails from people interested in audio DIY, many of them specifically WRT cables. Several people, from around the world, provided suggestions on how I could improve performance.

About 12 year ago I was contacted by Keith Louie Eichman of KLE Innovations, who had read my review of the Silver Bullet RA plug. He asked if I would review the KLEI line of RCA's. Following on from those reviews I was aksed to review their cables. During that time I learned a lot about cable design, so I decided to try building my own cables from scratch, using a cable geometry that made sense to me, using an old CAT6 network cable - and my Helix DIY cables came into being.

I would try each suggestion and if I found it provided a discernible improvement, I posted it on the web site

  • The site also includes USB and XLR designs from other people that adopted the basic HELIX DIY geometry. E.G.
    • there is a biwire speaker cable design from an Audiiogon member @toddverrone - many thanks
    • The approach of using two conductors for the signal conductor and also using two wires for the Helix Neutral conductor, came from Audiogon Member @wig - many thanks

My basic ethos of the DIY Helix design as outlined on my website is:

  • it should be easy to build
    • e.g. some people prefer using a double wires for the Helix Neutral. but tis gets expensive and is more complicated to build
  • the cables should be made from parts that are readily available i.e. globally
    • e.g. some people have recommended wires and connectors that can be troublesome to source in other countries
  • Each new revision of the Helix design must provide discernible improvements that are cost effective.

Since some people that seek my opinion may not really be into DIY, so I take a look at the website of various brands, to see if they have construction details. If those details allign with my own thoughts on cable design then I will recommend those cables..

The brands I tend to recommend are

  • Audio Envy - great solution for the budget consious
  • Zavfino - for a more high tech approach
  • Hijiri -- for those interested on very high performance cables

So that’s about it.

Hope that answers your question.

Regards - Steve

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Do you have your own cable manufacturing facility in your backyard or garage? Or you just buy cables from an actual manufacturer (or import from China) and resell them? Just curious.

I am using Zavino Nova speaker cables in one of my rigs, Well made, very nice sounding cables IMHO.

Thanks!  I just got my set and they are improving more and more but still a ways to 400hrs.  Glad to hear they just need more time.  May look into the Q45T as well.

They keep improving over time but I wouldn't judge them before 400 hours.  I used NPS Q45T contact enhancer with them after a couple of weeks which made a noticeable improvement as well.


I have the Prima MK2 and after a couple months break in, they sound fantastic.

Holographic with tight bass and fine detail without being fatiguing.  I'm driving them with a Hegel H190 through a Innuos Zen MKII and a Gustard R26 DAC.

Good luck in your search,


If you are in the U.S. contact this person


1378 Route 206 South
Suite 6-300
Skillman, NJ ,08558

Thanks for reply, been trying to get in touch with Zavfino  Canada but no luck, are they still in business?


I have had both 8tc and 12tc cables but now have Goertz Mi-3’s (Cable Co.). Stunning cables, well priced and the best I have heard. They are 3” copper ribbon style.  I cover mine with a black stretch sleeve for better appearance. Also, recommend Audio Envy for any cable needs.  I use them for all other components. Cap makes fantastic cables at amazing value prices. 






sleeve for better appearance 

@carybryston - I have owned Kimber 8tc and went on to develop my own speaker cables, which were superior to the 8tc and even the 12 tc in every respect.

I tend to read a lot about other cables to see what design approach they have taken. 

  • Zavfino make use of OCC copper and low dielectric constant insulation and a more complex cable geometry
  • this is the same approach I have taken with my own cables,
  • so even though I have not used Zavfino, I have a very good idea of their performance capabilities
  • I've also heard from other that use zavfino and they conrfirm their performance characteristics as being very similar to my own cables
    • full spectrum with very detailed bass
    • low noise floor with superb details and  clarity
    • very neutral sounding
    • fast and fluid dynamic performance

My own cables are designed for the DIY community i.e. I do not build them for sale to others, but I do recommend Zavfino cables to those who feel the DIY approach is not for them.

From that perspective I believe any of the Zavfino lineup will prove to b a good upgrade

You could also look at Audio Envy cables, again they follow robust design principles and will outperform the Kimber products.

Both brands are very well suited to high current solid state designs

If you want to understand a little more about cable design take a look at this link

Regards - Steve