Woody Shaw- Blackstone Legacy

I'm cross-posting this simply as a heads-up:

I will tell you it took me time to find an OG that was really clean, and it weren't cheap. Today, the prices are 3x for that. 
But it is coming out as a reissue cut by Kevin for $40.
Unless the vinyl is defective, this is a really cheap point of entry into a rarified jazz record you wouldn't normally buy. I cannot vouch for the quality of the pressing, since it is still in pre-order via Craft, but this record is worth hearing, even if you only listen to it once. It is not straight-ahead, it has some notable (and under-rated) players and it's better than good. (At least a pristine OG). 
No commercial advantage to me for posting this, just a cool album, will be cheap. You can tell me if the copies you get are good.



Quite welcome. I just happened to see something about the reissue. The supporting cast of players is killer, not all famous (unless you are into jazz, especially from that era- post bop). The blurb I read said it was "all analog" (yeah, I know) and will be pressed at RTI, so there’s a good chance it will be a nice record. It also isn’t stupid money.

Thanks, @whart

Here's a nice review of it by Ken Micallef.

"The Greatest Jazz Recording of All Time—GOAT?"

After streaming it on Qobuz, I'm hoping to get a copy of the reissue. BTW, the release date is 8/25. Cheers,


I got my copy this weekend and is it great.

FYI: even though the web site and hype sticker say it was mastered/cut by Kevin Gray, that's wrong. It's done by Bernie Grundman. The two discs have his very recognizable "BG" scribbled in the run outs.