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Structural beam in middle of listening room
Use caution with the 2 column instead of 1 idea. Often the (horizontal) wood girder beam is jointed over the (vertical) support column, meaning the column must be where it is.   
Turntable dust cover cleaning
I get excellent results with Novus.  
What new gear have you just bought?
what oddiofyl said Your unit is just missing the ground pin but the recessed shape looks to be the same as any  3 prong. My Luxman has the same 2 prong and I use an after market 3 prong cord.  
Woody Shaw- Blackstone Legacy
  Appreciate it Bill, just pre ordered mine too.  
Using biwired cables on speakers with only 2 connections
  yodogyodog- My speaker cables are 11.5 awg  
How Long Is Too Long?
I ordered a new pair of Magnepan LRS+ I was told the waiting period is 3-4 months So it’s not just repairs We’re living in a different world now Get used to it  
Magnepan LRS+ which amps do you use ? * 100 watts or less **
I ordered the LRS+ about 3 weeks ago myself and spoke with a rep (Eric) at Magnepan about this. I asked if he thought my 30 wpc Luxman 590 AXII would drive them and he said it would. It was made clear to me that it's not the watts, but the current... 
Some new E-bay scams
Two can play that game.  Instead of claiming " non delivery" claim " item not as described" Wrap up an old sock and return it to seller.     
What was the craziest location that you made an audio purchase from?
About 15 years ago I sold a tone arm to a guy and we made the exchange on an I84 off ramp in NY. Probably looked like a drug deal going down.  
Forté 1A power amplifier.... still good?
I picked up a Forte model 3 for my son a while back and paired it with Magnepan MMG. Some of the best sound I have ever heard! Still all original with no work ever done on it.  
Yamaha Amplifier Warranty Issues
My Honda dealership has a part backordered now going on 8 weeks.  We live in a different world now.  
Does your system sound “better” after being away?
My car drives better after a car wash.  
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
Guns & Roses- a very long ago.They were 1/2 way through November Rain before I even realized what song it was. I’ve been to hundreds of rock concerts, and they were by far the loudest.    
Shipping a turntable with plinth from England to USA
"Ime UPS will thrash it. Hard" +1 They will for sure  
I had a claim denied by UPS using manufacturers boxes with all proper manufacturers packing. They dented both mono block amps. Doesn't matter how well it's packed, the default is always to deny, then see where that goes.  One thing is for sure, t...