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Small Discrepancies in Speaker Placement
I make final adjustments by the 1/8th inch. No, I am not insane.  
My Sonic Lab Platinum v Gold Signature
No, I went for a Lyra Etna Lambda instead. The uncertain length of warranty from MSL (and its importer, MoFi: see the long mijostyn thread), put me off. And I had not used a Lyra since the entry-level Lydian Beta in 2000, so I wanted to see what t... 
Any experience with SVS 3000 Micro
I’ve owned the 3000 Micro for a couple of years and find it ideal for my application. It integrates seamlessly with my Merlin TSM MMI, extends bass low enough that I don’t feel I’m missing anything, adds presence to the sound, and visually disappe... 
Developing A List Of Tonearm Candidates For A SOTA Turntable
@neonknight, please let us know what you think of the Agile. It's an arm that has long intrigued me.  
SUT for Ortofon SPU Mono CGDI MKII
The Ortofon ST-M25 was designed for your cartridge. Ortofon says it is a historical product, but Elusive Disc and Cable Co, to name two online dealers, still list it as a special order.    
Developing A List Of Tonearm Candidates For A SOTA Turntable
FWIW, I had a Clearaudio Universal arm on an Innovation Wood for a few years. It was a delight to use and did nothing seriously wrong but I never cottoned to it all that much, always finding it a touch lean or metallic. I had a Phantom II on the s... 
ARC Reference Phono vs. BAT VK-P10 SE
As this thread is decades old, it must have been the Steelhead. The Chinook had yet to be spawned, I believe.  
Would you still pay $10k or more for a turntable not full analog front end these days ?
I listen to digital, I pick up a book.  
An Amp Nobody Talks About, Bricasti Design
I heard Bricasti electronics driving $45k Tidal speakers at the Cal Audio Show a few years ago. It was the best sound at show, and maybe the best I’ve ever heard.  
Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?
@mrdecibel, stacked Advents! Those were the days!  
Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?
Cornwall IV are decent in stock form but not great, IMO. However, if you’re willing to put some effort and $1,500 or so into them, they become great. Change out the capacitors and resistors in the xover according to the Don Sachs recipe in the lon... 
ultrasound record cleaning machine damaged my records
Sorry to hear this. FWIW, I’ve been using a Degritter for 18 months with no degradation to 100+ LPs I’ve cleaned, some several times because I sometimes leave them on the platter overnight.  
MoFi "Mobile Fidelity" Master Phono.
Thanks guys, this is helpful. I’m thinking about bringing one in from MD to supplement my Allnic H3000. It’s been ages since I’ve heard an SS phono in my system, and I’m very curious about the current option for my low DCR carts. Can always return... 
MoFi "Mobile Fidelity" Master Phono.
Giving a bump. Anyone heard thus unit yet?  
Review of Quadratic MC-1 SUT With Comparisons to Other SUTs
Returning to this excellent thread, which serves as a handy reference guide on SUTs... @mulveling, by now you’ve no doubt received your EAR MC4. How does it stack up against the MC3 and, by extension, the others mentioned in your exemplary compari...