Widely differing opinions - well, it’s complicated

The widely differing opinions on almost every aspect of high-end audio can be perplexing. But there is a pretty good reason, every aspect of sound / music reproduction is complicated… really complicated. To some of us this is fascinating and presents a great challenge… it has kept my interest for fifty years. For newcomers (like less than ten years of experience) it can be really daunting and frustrating.


A friend of mine sent this to me. It captures the essence of the best of professional treatment of only one tiny aspect of audio… the subwoofer… how many and where. In the world of high end audio… it is just one of dozens of topics. You are not going to buy a sub woofer and play around with it and figure this out.


This is the short version of a 3 hour class… 1.5 hours. Worth every moment of it. There are actually a bunch of them.




I think the reason we all don't agree is that we are all looking for a different kind of sound. You have guys that want a rock concert in their living room, guys that want to duplicate a plane crash, string quartet lovers, and other types of sound all presented in different ways. 

I seek a very natural, 3D image but with a taste of forward projection and a tad more bass than is truly accurate. A pair of Cerwin Vegas isn't going to scratch my itch. But there are times I would be happy to rock out a song on that type of speaker. That's why we can't all agree. Everybody wants something different than what others want. 

I agree with that russ69.

Some prioritize image others prefer toe-tapping.

two distinct camps: pleasure seeking flavorizers and, accurate to source. Since ya have to have witnessed the “ source “, the latter camp is microscopic…. Lots in the former w many sects..typically chasing the distortion they prefer. Very astute emotional awareness demonstrated by @russ69 :-) When i choose a microphone or even the placement of said, my goal seeking is on aural display….

Carry on !

Precisely why I have two systems.  A set your hair on fire basement/garage system and then a much different main system in the Music room.  Depends on what  feel like listening to.

I recall many years ago reading somewhere  that Barbara Streisand owned a large piece of property that had four completely different houses on it and not in sight of each other. I guess when you're an egomaniac and have major dollars you can indulge your fantasies.  Just sayin'.