Who do you like for equipment mods?

For amps and preamps, I highly recommend Bob Backert at RHB Sound Dezigns. He’s very friendly to do business with, turnaround time is always as promised, and his prices are very fair. He is thorough and systematic in talking through work to be done.

He’s modded my Pass Labs Xono which now sounds so much better I’ve stopped listening to CDs. He’s best known for tube work. He fixed my Counterpoint SA 20 hybrid power amp without schematics - a favorite of mine. He’s also done a Pass XVR-1, a Threshold S/550e and some work on my Pass Labs X0.2. He's in PA outside of Philly. Check out his website.

For vintage tuners, you can't go wrong with Ken Bernacky at Stereo Surgeons in the Hartford CT area. He's been doing this forever, he gives you before and after specs, he's really thorough and he gets equipment sent to him from all over the world! If you meet him in person you're in for a treat. See a reference on TIC (tuner Information center website or check out his website).

Who do you like????

I would second your choice also; I would add Scott Franklins'(of past MFA)name to the mix, located in the San Jose area.
Scott performs excellant mods with the same results as Bob Backert; very highly recommended engineer.
Barry, I couldn't agree with you more, Bob and Gary are great people, and do wonderful work.
FWIW here is the link to RHB Sound Dezign

Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound has done great work for me on Wadia and ARC gear. (He used to work for both.) He's doing an upgrade on a Rhea for me now, and I intend to have him work on my EAR 834P eventually.
Douglas Jesse at ASi Teknologies in Warren Michigan.Professional,helpful and quick turn around.
I have heard mods by Stan Warren that were outstanding. He is tough to get to, but if you are persistent it can be done. His stuff is amazing.
I couldn't agree more. Paul at TRL. Great guy to talk to and is very knowledgeble.
Bob Backert. I had Bob modify a CJ preamp some years ago and the results were staggering. I've since sold the preamp and had to spend almost 3x the $ to better the sound, albeit marginally. Excellent work -- fair pricing.
Ric at EVS,perhaps its called tweakaudio.Very timely and professional,good luck,Bob
Mike Samra in MIchigan is great for vintage sherwood stuff

Anyone know any speaker gurus out there...someone who could tweak a DIY, like rewire, tune xovers etc....
I like Bob as much as the next guy ( he is a genius ) but if you guys will keep mentioning his name - he won't get any sleep. Besides the turn-over isn't that bad ....yet. But when it reaches a month then it is our fault. ;)

I love my Cybers with BBs touch. Just to let you know.
Joseph Chow of AudioHorizons, the maker of preamps, cables, and DAC's that are highly popular on Audiogon. He has modified multiple pieces of equipment for me including an Aritight tube preamp (took a very nice piece and made it stunning), AudioVan Alstine Fetvalve amplifier, Rega Planet CD players, parasound dac's and preamps, etc.

He is an audioengineer/designer and audiophile.
For speaker repair of vintage stuff, I'd try Bill LeGall at Millersound. He's less of a mod guy. He's been around forever. I've never used him but talked with him & his website's amazing.
Not sure why I didn't mention it above, but Bill Thalmann at Music Technology in Springfield, VA outside of DC does terrific work. He worked for Conrad Johnson and has been doing repairs and mods for a very long time (and to prove it - he is always very busy!). Check out the website.
I second Bill Thalmann at Music Technology most heartily. He did mods for me at reasonable cost. The work was immaculate and the sound very satisfying. Very professional gent.

Bill Thalmann. I been in these forums since the year 2000. I have never read a "bad" report on this gentleman.  A prior employee of Conrad Johnson, it is a no-brainer.
Frank Van Alstine in Minnesota. For the McIntosh MR74/77/78 tuners, Richard Modaferri, who was heavily involved in their design, offers really good updates/improvements/corrections/fixes for them.
Jafant,nice to hear your words. Bill Thalmann of Music Technology(.com) is a exceptional professional in this industry.My experience with him was with the highest level equipment He is also one of the very few qualified/approved Apogee Ribbon Installers. 
Frank Van Alstine modded my old Dynaco FM-5 tuner about 30 years ago.  It sounded much, much better than my Magnum Dynalab Etude tuner which I ended up selling. Still have the Dynaco.

Thanks, didn't know he still did mods. 
As we enter into 2018, besides Bill Thalmann, are the others guys mentioned above still operational?  Any new names to add in this thread?

Happy Listening!
I have enjoyed my Sony's with VSE mods installed by either Bill Thalmann (east coast) or Warren Gregoire (west coast).  Positive experiences with both.
Rick Schultz at EVS (Electronic Visionary Systems) is a controversial, adventurous modifier. Frank Van Alstine is a more traditional engineer, with a solid ee background and education. I don't know if he is still offering his Dynaco mods, but they are great.
Who do you like for equipment mods?

Modder's that publicly give the technical reasons why their mod betters what they are removing, and what they are putting in it's place, and what/why this may do better for the sound.

Cheers George
Are there any in Texas? I would like to personally deliver and pick up my Hafler to be modded rather that risk shipping it? 
For Adcom and Hafler gear I recommend John Hillig of Musical Concepts. This sage has been around since the 80’s and his work has been reviewed by among others Absolute Sound and Stereophile. I just got my Adcom 750 back after the Elite Mod and it’s a whole different animal. John also did my Adcom 555  back in  82 which I still have and still works. I still have my modified Magnavox 650 cd player too.
Yes I have moved on to another amp and cd player but for their day they were worth the investment.