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$510.00 for an Aluminum cover for the ARC Ref. 10?
maybe a local metal can fab you one and paint to match or powder coat. 
Best value in pre-owned preamps right now?
I bought a Allnic L4000 that was upgraded to a L3000 mk2 and have never been happier; if you see one for sale you can't go wrong. 
Solid State Amplifier Advancements In A Decade
class D need not apply per OP request 
best transparent pre amp
I always thought Stan Klyne made a great solid state pre amp; mine was a 6lx3p and it was a great pre amp. 
Is it possible to adapt kt88 to a 6A3 single ended
Realdeal I was thinking about this thread and was wondering what design parameters are you considering to implement with this attempt? 
Is it possible to adapt kt88 to a 6A3 single ended
Realdeal what would you do if ralph from atmasphere pops in on this thread and echo's Al's response?I feel Al, Ralph and a few others are extremely well versed in electronic theory and application; their advice is solid. 
Is it possible to adapt kt88 to a 6A3 single ended
pay attention to Al's reply!!! 
I need info to have JM Labs Daline 6.1 repaired.
I also vote for Bill at Millersound; a phone call is well worth your time. 
Shipping Set of Speakers across country
I shipped soundlab M2's in their crates from seattle to NJ using united van lines freight service; arrived without any issues right to my home. 
some of the best speaker cables under $250
I had some fulton brown that was very nice; if you see some it should be fairly inexpensive and worth a try. 
Recommend A More Dynamic Monitor Than Harbeth C7
what about Merlin speakers; they may fit the bill even though you have solid state power. 
Speaker repair near NYC
I will second Millersound as well; Give Bill a call it will be well worth your time. 
What Did I Do Wrong?
This is what is best in the audiogon forum communities; great help and sometimes even a designer or manufacturer will pop in to help as well; Ralph from Atma-Sphere as a example. 
Soundlab speakers...how reliable?
Yes I heard them at overture audio in Delaware and they are amazing. I think what I like about my m2's is you can listen all day and not get tired of the session; the soundstage is just huge and being able to locate instruments within is awesome; ... 
Soundlab speakers...how reliable?
Keith what amps are you driving them with?Also congrads you may never listen to a dynamic speaker again.