Which music service?

As one who has neglected their digital front end. Have been using WiFi to Logitech Touch and just added an Audioengine B1 before we decide on a more sophisticated devise.

Is there a music service that offers the more Bebop, straight ahead Jazz and Grateful Dead content we should consider or are they somewhat similar?  


Amazon music HD has the best catalog followed closely by Spotify. I do believe that Amazon sounds better than Spotify but not as good as Qobuz. Qobuz selection is ok but has the best sounding app. If you're a Prime member you can have Amazon and Qobuz for about $20 a month.

FM - radio))) ... at least I do this - this is the only "streaming" that I use

while Tidal may not have everything, it still has way more than I could ever listen to...the sound quality is just fine for me...and I've never had any issues with them...

Qobuz for me. Great sound, lots of hi res without the MQA exercise.  Yearly rate quite affordable and with more customers comes more titles. Rarely can't find what I look for. 

danger and fuzztone, thanks for the useful information - a big help.

And for the others thanks for being wonderfully AudioGoNe...