What's everybody listening to this evening?

I myself am listening to Rolling Stones "Black & Blue" remastered by Apogee Electronics.
Clueless that's a great Album! I started this thread to help me find something else to listen to. You can get in a rut ya know.
Don't tell me about ruts Pfreak. I got a crick in my neck from looking up! Glad to hear you like Lloyd, he's nice isn't he? A different universe from "Black and Blue." That's one of the nice things about music. You can move from one place to the other....fast!

To make matters more interesting a friend is off on a three month trip and in the middle of a move and I inherited most of his audio stuff for the duration (he was desperate for a place to dump it.) I'm fumbling to dial in a pair of bi-amped Oris 150s. Nothing like a pair of strange horns to get you out of a musical rut! I'm in hog heaven.

I remain,
Rachmaninoff 1 and Bohemian Capriccio on Naxos, the Barber or Adams Violin Concerto with Bobby McDuffie on Telarc, then anything else that suits my fancy. They're certainly not in the same rut type as yours, though, Philefreak!
Clueless, Don't you mean horn heaven :^) Tonight I'm watching the rest of *I Am SAM* ON dvd. I just ordered the sound track to that movie too.

For a nice change of pace try Laurance Juber *The Collection* very soothing acoustic steel string guitar work. I own everything he's ever done. Alex DeGrasse is another guy that can take you to that special place. If you love guitar try *Bolivian Blues Bar* for starters.

David Gray *White Ladder* has been getting a lot of play in my system too.
The great thing with audio is, you can change music. I'm now listening to Keiko Matsui. So smooth!!
I am listening to Wayne Hancock's "Thunderstorm and Neon Signs". The best Hank Williams clone to come around in a long time.
PFreaK: Keiko Matsui.... so smooth. I've moved to John Hammond "Wicked Grin"....so rough. tOM wAITS wRITES wELL.

I remain,
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got a uk pressing of sringsteen's asbury park and a spanish pressing of lou reed's blue mask in the mail today. have not listened to reed yet, the springsteen is so so.
Ani DiFranco, Collective Soul, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and now Sarah Brightman. Every night is like an uncharted voyage, I go from artist to artist based on what I hear and feel NEVER any scheduled music- all of my ex-girlfriends hated the way I listened to music :) ~Tim
I bet you don't have this one: Grover Washington JR Then and Now. This is the only disc I know of where Grover does straight ahead jazz. Here's the rest of the line up: Igor Butman-tenor,Ron Carter-bass,Tommy Flanagan-piano, Miguel Fuentes-percussion, Herbie Hancock-piano, James Simmons-piano, Marvin "Smitty" Smith-drums, Richard Steacker-guitar, Grady Tate-drums, Gerald Veasley-5 string bass, and Darryl Washington-drums. On Columbia and no doubt out of print.
I found from my "basement collection" 1956 album of Michelle LeGrand, pull that out and it's still in great condition and that is it for today's evening.
Viridian, best of Chet....you got me out of my seat looking. It's good in sultry Michigan too.

I remain,
Let's see....The best of Carmen Mcrae, Grant Green - Idle Moments, Joe Henderson - Ballads and Blues and Ray Brown- Some of My Best Friends are Singers. I play music while I work at night and these are the current week's favs.
Well, my first disc of the night is Dalis Car "The Waking Hour". I have no idea what i'll be listening to next but i've got about 2 - 3 more hours of tunes before hitting the hay : ) Sean
One in a Million (acoustic versions of greatest hits) by Big Country. RIP, Stu!!!!!!
Porcupine Tree - Stars Die Box Set
If you like Dark Side era Floyd you have to hear these guys.
Un dia normal by Juanes, Harmonizer by Apoptygma Bezerk, and le modular by Moenia. A mix of rock en espanol, electronic/industrial, and spanish electronic music. And will finish the night with a little death in june.
Robyn Hitchcock's Jewels for Sophia (the mellower tunes) and Nick Drake's compilation "Way to Blue." Was very pleased to hear people still listen to Dali's Car and Big Country...
I'm about to fire up a compilation CD-R I did that I call "Country Angels"-- love it. It includes such artists as Eva Cassidy, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lucinda Williams, Cowboy Junkies, and many others. Cheers from the Oregon coast. Craig
Yo Philefreak, wassup dawg? I can dig it...Stones, way cool. Now you've got me Jonesing for some Stones. I spun up an old 45RPM LP of SoftCell "Tainted Love/Where did our love go?". It has a great bass line. Also, had to hear some Carly Simon, and a few cuts off of "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton John and ELO. Then I switched over to CD for some Grover Washington Jr. Cough, cough from just downwind of the AZ forrest fires.
Kind of an odd mix last evening. Started with Dylan, Blond on Blond CD; Moved to Glen Gould playing Bach English Suites CD; The Doors, Greatest Hits CD; Eric Clapton & BB King, Riding With the King LP (excellent recording quality, BTW); and finished the evening off with It's A Beautiful Day LP (late 60's early 70's San Francisco group with good voices, wide selection of instruments, very good recording quality, and the music ranges from acid rock to hoedown country). God, I love being single!

International Harvester: Sov Gott Rose Marie
Eleventh Dream Day: Stalled Parade
Wayne Shorter: Et Cetera

Good one, Sean! Dalis Car will begin my evening. Then a little Stump followed by Split Enz's Mental Notes. Long live the strange!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Concerto No. 9 in Eb major, KV 271
Piano Concerto No. 27 in Bb major, KV 595
Nicola Frisardi, Piano
Mozartu, Orchester Salzburg
Gereard Korsten, Conductor

Bryan Ferry-Frantic

John Williams-The Magic Box

Hooker and Heat-Live at Carneige Hall

Dave Mason-Alone Together

Isaac Stern 60th Anniversary Celebration

Art Garfunkel-Angel Clare

The Rolling Stones-Aftermath
Ella "Swings Gently With Nelson" Fitzgerald. I did pause for a moment over Apogalyptica - Inquistion Symphony.
Chopin nocturnes by Artur Rubinstein and Shostakovich's Sixth symphony by Leonard Bernstein. It doesn't get much better than that!
Electric Ladyland, the second stereo pressing (Hendrix's mix) on vinyl floats and sings. Who needs drugs?
hypre gamma spaces 12" single from germany by alan parsons.
Later will be; hot with fleas 12" by severed heads/radioactivity 12" by kraftwerk/big eyed beans from venus by capt. beefheart, german pressing/play it again by atomic rooster, uk 12".
Started today with "Skiffle Sessions" w/Van Morrison. Now playing Christian McBride "Getten to It". Smokin !!!
Hey Rec , if you like Wayne Hancock , try Hank Williams III doing Wayne Hancock.....and Duckboy ,try Daniel Barenboim doing the Nocturnes.Right now listening to Ursala Oppens doing "American Piano" on the Music & Arts label.
jkaway- I love that Ursula Oppens disc. "Old and Lost River" is one of the most beautifully haunting songs I've heard.
Red House Painters Anthology played with adult beverages... Very nice, worth a serious listen...

The KiD
Wilco/Billy Bragg\Mermaid Ave Vol 1
Dire Straits\Dire Straits
Miles Davis\Carnegie Hall '61
Neil Young\Harvest Moon
Gov't Mule\Dose
Champion Jack Dupree\From New Orlean to Chicago
Uncle Tupelo\Anodyne
Asylum St. Spankers\Spanker Madness
Son Volt\Wide Swing Tremelo
SuperSuckers\Must've Been High
Miss Kittin's' first album (Electro-pop) followed by Bach's Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould. 2+ hrs of divine pleasure...
We listened to an LP box set entitled "Folk Song and Minstrelsy" issued by the Vanguard book-of-the-month-club in perhaps the 60's. Artists/groups are: Leon Bibb, The Deller Consort, Ronnie Gilbert, Odetta, Cisco Houston, The Weavers, Joan Baez, Jimmy Driftwood, Evan MacColl, Ed McCurdy, Tom Makem, Alan Mills, John Jacob Niles and Pete Seeger. With 4 LP's of this stuff it was better than watching a movie.
Danny Gatton - "Cruisin' Deuces"
David Bowie - "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" (The CD digitally remastered at Abbey Road Studios. It's pretty good)
Did anyone notice that this is always "THIS EVENING"!!!
And this evening i will probably listen to one of my favourite singers Pete Gabriel and after if i will be still listening i will continue with Genesis(certainly with Pete)