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Russian made amps?
Dmitriy Medvedev isn't president anymore.Putin is back and he's not president either. He's czar or monarch with ultimate sole power. 
Preamp Noise with High-Efficiency Speakers
It is encouraged to have low-gain low-power amplifier for high efficiency horns and same applies to the preamp that should be minimalistic. I belive hat Wyred4Soun preamp may surprise you, but I'm not sure what amplifier(s) you're currently using 
Downgrade Suprise?
I've seen how little bookshelf Boston A120 vintage speakers can humiliate and outperform Bose901 literally with any amp low or high powered. 
Russian made amps?
Chinese immigrants making equipment in Russia if any nowdays:-) 
Russian made amps?
Here's a link with brief overview of soviet/russian classic audio componentshttp://goldenageofaudio.blogspot.com/2011/11/ussr-audio-classics.html 
Am I an Audiophile?
There's been a funny post about audiophile qualifications:1. $30...100k rig to play few vinyls and/or few cds with excellent recordings2. 15...20% of above price invested into cables, another 10..15% invested into tweaks.3. Each of vinyl or CD wil... 
Subwoofer Crossover Question
+1like to Jallen and to Newbee. 
Russian made amps?
Viktor Khomenko (VK) is Russian designer of tube and solid state amps. Here his amps known as BAT. Vladimir Lamm(Lamm Industries) born as Vladimir Shushurin was designing famous Russian Amphiton solid state amplifiers. They're both known to engine... 
Why does Amps/Preamps forum have most threads?
Becoz they're most popular music components 
How many fuses in a McIntosh MC275?
you can only prove hearing improvements on the blind a/b tests. blind tests is where all audi'o'philes fail to ID stock fuse from aftermarket and other silly unnecessary stuff.as you know, fuses tend to blow and usually are all visible on the pcb ... 
1 tonearm 2 cartridges
If you find Dynavector DV505, I doubt that it will be any near as good as Graham. 
Speaker wire construction and sound quality
If I smoke a bowl or a bong and play same track before and after, I can assure you that it's a great tweak and it works:-)Remember the good old days lots of audiophiles did that simply because there was not as many choices as it is now. 
Burn in Step up transformer with ipod.
play some tunes and you'll be OK. 
How many fuses in a McIntosh MC275?
WOW No way! Fuses are usually visible and sometimes resistors are set to work as a fuse. Upgrading or replacing fuses is the most ridiculous upgrade you'll ever get. 
Anybody have an actively multi-amplified system?
active sub-division before amps is the right way.