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Audio Desk vinyl cleaner disassembly
anwar, any luck over the last year with your AD cleaner? ¬†or has anybody found a US repair person?Thanks for any help 
worst sounding great lps
not to start flames spewing but i have copies of many of the records mentioned here that sound fantastic. born to run, any record by yes, any record by zep, Derek and the Dominos, who's next, Kinks Muswell hillbillies... my copies come form Tom Po... 
Upgrade or downgrade from Tom Evans
curious why you are considering a change. do you mind sharing your thoughts? 
Have you found reliable online used vinyl vendors?
I agree with Miner42.Better Records has outstanding vinyl, not cheap but worth it in my opinion. 
New $35K pivoting tonearm
are the additional conductors in the wire feed for led lights on/in the tonearm? or am i imagining this? 
amazon audio model 2 turntable
You might reach out to Sorasound. Mehran works with Amazon and Moerch. 
just an observation for comment
master tapes degrade over time. i have never heard a reissue outperform a good early pressing. now finding a good early pressing is another story... 
Sun light issues... possibly?
even mild light can effect the finish on wood. i keep my speakers draped with soft synthetic blankets when not listening to the stereo. they blend into the background and add a bit of protection. 
My turntable hates Cat Stevens
Mt10425 answered this question already. "Buy an original pressing". We spend a fortune on our equipment and expect poor records to sound good. Most new re-mastered records sound terrible when compared to a good early pressing. And Tea for the Till... 
Choosing between Reissue and Original pressings
Whart, I agree that there are no guidlines, anywhere. That is my point. I don't think there are any clear rules or guarantees other than our ears. I pay top dollar to get the copies of the records that are important to me. While I might try to do ... 
Choosing between Reissue and Original pressings
Pani, try this website for some insight and strong opinions about the subject. Tom Port is considered a bit nutty by some here but I think he knows more about quality pressings and stampers than anybody. I also buy a lot of records from him.http:/... 
Review: ZYX UNIverse II Cartridge
Doug, thank you for your review.I have learned much from you on this forum and am even more appreciative of your polite and respectful demeanor.The way you and Paul approach the playing of music epitomizes for me this best about this hobby. 
Why do my rolling stones albums sound bad?
i have bought some outstanding copies of stones albums on tom port's better records site. they are expensive but they are good. get on his site and read his comments about the typical stones vinyl, he agrees with us that it mostly sucks. 
Nordost Valhalla 2... When?
as an option below odin? 
Have you heard or own the Shakti Hallograph
paulsax, i have played quite a bit with them. you move them around and hear pretty radical changes to the soundstage. i have had lay people sit with closed eyes hear the changes. these are room treatments, and they served me well until i got my ro...