Upgrading power cable to AQ Niagara 5000?

I have an Audioquest Niagara 5000 - and have found it to be very good.  I am curious - since the unit is highly effective at noise reduction - would it really benefit to have an upgraded power cable serving it? Isn’t that the idea behind upgraded power cords - they’re better at filtering and/or not adding noise.  But, if the Niagara is doing that, any difference from an upgraded cord?

I know I should audition for myself but I no longer live near a dealer who can help me with those auditions so I’d have to buy and return - a hassle for me - and for the dealer.

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I also have a Niagara 5000.  I've used a Thunder, Blizzard, NRG 10, and Tornado so far.  Each cord has a different signature.  

interesting. Can you tell me more about what you experienced?  Which did you like best? And, what cords are you using from the Niagara to your power amp?  
I have a 5000 and used a Thunder cable for a long time. I recently switched it out with a Hurricane and there is definitely an improvement
Thunder is very similar to Blizzard in my system,  but I'm only feeding source components.  The Tornado improved from bottom to top end over the Thunder and Blizzard. The AQ NRG 10, OTOH seems to jive better with my other AQ NRG 10s hooked to my preamp and CDP.  
I have a 20A Audioquest Hurricane for sale now on Audiogon. Perfect for the Niagara.


Tornado is a good place to start. Hurricane is even better.
I auditioned both PC on a Niagara 7000 connected to AYRE gear.

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I second the Hurricane for the Niagara 5000.   Provided a really deep soundstage in my system as well as added a little warmth.
If you have a choice between adding a dedicated line vs spending more on a high end power conditioner, which option will provide more tangible and easily discernible improvements? I understand that the right answer might be to do both. But let’s say you have to pick one, which one do you think will offer more bang for your buck?

Based on my experience with both a dedicated line and a Niagara 5000, I'd recommend the 5000.  I noticed no difference in sound quality after installing a dedicated line.  However, including other tweaks I've made, I'd say the effects are cumulative and beneficial, but nothing compares to the 5000, which provided instant gratification.  The 5000 I borrowed was completely burnt in, but I found it sounded its best, after being turned on for 48 hours.  I recommend the 5000.

I now own the Niagara 7000, 2-1200's and a 1000.

On my 7000 I am using the Niagara Dragon. Awesome combo. Really brings out the power of the 7000.

On my other units I am using my homemade 12-gauge Solid silver with NCF fittings.

I guess what I am saying is even though the Niagara power conditioner are great in their own right adding a very hi quality power cord does provide benefit.


I have a cord that is made with 3 number #4 conductors, stranded,…with 5-.9s quality. It’s from a company called MOAC. This thing is bad*ss. The sound is amazing, I’ve never heard anything like it. There’s so much space inside the wire, it gives off a huge soundstage. it’s so heavy you have to bolt your component down to the table or else the weight of the cable will pull the Components right off the table. But it’s absolutely worth all the effort. This is the mother of all cables.

@raysmtb1 I can’t find any cable company named MOAC.  Can you provide more detail on where to find them?  Thanks. 

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