Upgraded from Node to 432-evo-aeon-music-server and its another world sonically

I recently upgraded from a BlueSound Node to a 432Evo Aeon and the difference is astonishing. Across the board improvements in soundstage size and depth, dynamics, blackness of background, bass articulation and impact. Solo intruments and voices have more body and presence and compex musical passages are made more comprehensible both through the clarity of individual intruments as well as the overall balance between the players. The result is a highly detailed but musical sound by no means analytical. Not an xray but full blooded rich lucious sound.There are also a wide range of filters and adjustments to tailor the sound to individual taste and  systems. It also functionally combines streamer/cd ripper/roon core. It has a bit perfect ripper as well a 2tb ssd standard with option to order larger drives for additional charge.

Also, it's modular with an upgrade path at any level and a greater likelihood of being futureproof. As far as 432 tuning is concerned I will leave it up to each owner to decide how much to use it. I dont use it in my normal listening but there is so much else to recommend about the sound quality of this unit that it's the least consequential aspect of a purchasing decision to purchase. Not cheap but well worth the money for a great digital front end.

Associated equipment

Lyngdorf MP 60 2.1

Infigo Method 6

Alta Adams

Cardas clear beyond and beyond xl power cords

Wireworld gold eclipse 8 interconnects

Enklein Trek USB

Wywires Silver Speaker cable shotgun

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Glad to hear you got a nice bump up from the 432 Aeon.  It's a nice change from all the people complaining about high-end audio here.  Enjoy!

What percent of the upgraded sound would you attribute to the streamer and what percent to the DAC? As far as I can tell you have upgraded both, and many may have gotten those improvements by simply upgrading their DAC.

The 432 Evo Aeon may be a great music server, but the original post reads like an advertisement, particularly given this is the OP's first ever post on Agon. Adding the system on the Virtual Systems page with photos would add some credibility.

Jaytoy elliot is sincere, his comments represent how much of an improvement our server actually made in his system, we did ask him to post his impressions but we didnt coach him nor influence what he wrote, nor his feelings, in any way.

We have had other clients with exactly the same experiences, the 432evo music servers do make an extradordinary difference in a good system and brings a systems digital playback much closer to the best analog.

To date wehave compared our Aeon to much more expensive servers from Innous the 25k statement with upgraded psu and we matched that piece.

We compared the Aeon to the $12k aurrender N20 and beat that as well.

One client compred to the Grimm and prefered the Aeon.

In addition to our suberb sound quality is our easily upgradable platform which allows for any of our models to be up-graded to the next model.as well as allowing the server to evolve as better parts become avalibile.


Ss per his system it is listed in his post ,nor did he change his dac the only change he made was swapping the streamer.

Dave And Troy

Audio Intellect NJ

US. importers 432evo music servers


@elliot16us I noticed you have Alta Audio speakers, wondering how you like them and if you considered the Alec’s.  I have the Alec’s which are the 2 way version of the speakers you have. I love them, I have been curious how the Adam’s sound in comparison.  Awesome that you are loving the new streamer, curious what the app interface is like with the Evo.  I’ve used Lumin, Auralic, Node (BLuOs), sound quality is key almost as important is the interface with the streamer, streaming services.

Congratulations, sounds like a wonderful upgrade for you. 

The retailer should never have requested that the OP post a review here.

This is sleazy - the retailer should know that. Perception is a powerful consideration and in this case I don't trust the review knowing it was retailer prompted.

Besides, the Bluesound Node s a low bar - there are dozens of better sounding options that could receive similar rave reviews. Reviews not tainted by retailer involvement.

Creative point it is hardly sleazy this is a very common practice many people post who work for are Affiliated directly with a company this gentleman doesn’t work for us nor was he prompted inwhat to write he is sincere Iin His findings so his response is valid and his post does show that bits are not bits and better streaming devices do impact sound quality