Turntable Isolation

Im looking for an isolation base for my VPI Signature 21. My listening room is over my garage and a times my footfalls cause the table to skip. What have you used that works? 


I had the trouble too with loose floor. I created a suspended platform held up by bungee cords attached to 4 small pillars at each corner. The idea is to put an appropriately sized board held up only by the four bungee cords threaded through those corner posts. I drilled a hole into each 2 inch by 10 inch post so the bungee can be pulled tighter or looser to perfectly level the platform. I have lock sliders on cords to hold them in place. Sorry no pics but I think you've got the idea. Now my wife can dance through the room, the bass can thunder, and my cheap turntable is playing very clearly. With turntables isolation and vibration cancellation is everything. This thing works great! Build frame first to hold posts securely far enough away to allow about 14 inches of bungee per pillar. Connect bungee underneath board. Thread through post and done. You should be able to push turntable and see it gently sway and quickly damp down any movement. Level adjustment by simply pulling bungee shorter or looser through pre drilled  hole per post. If you build square base first, securely attach four pillars at corners alls well. be sure bungees don't touch plinth. Only attach on bottom of hovering board. Success! Dance away!!

Minus K will solve it, a bit more expensive but you can shake the table below it pretty violently and the record will play on



Sorry the Townshend didn’t work for footfalls, but did you notice any improvement in sound otherwise?

Update on the Townshend platform: initially the wrong cells were installed on the platform per the weight of the turntable. I was then sent a set of the corner platforms for my rack. This was the solution to a number of problems. My footfall issues are gone and the overall sound has improved with a quieter background and a wider soundstage. my entire system has seemed to benefit from the corners. I have moved the platform over to my DAC. I am so astounded by the benefits of the platform and corners, I have ordered the podiums to go under my speakers. I'm totally bought in to the benefits of the Townshend isolation products. A huge shoutout to John Davis Hannant for his tireless customer service and his dedication in getting me the solution I needed.

So the Townshend platform did not solve the footfall issue. Back to square one


Well if you can’t do a wall shelf why not do a hanging shelf attached to the ceiling.

I had a few customers who successfully implemented a hanging shelf for their TT.


Alternately go and buy a Sota turntable - their hanging suspension provides phenomenal isolation at a modest price.

Fantastic- glad the OP solved the footfall problem

For hippo dancers, maybe something like this