Suggestions for side wood panel selection / choice for a custom 2A3 build...

The main chassis will be metal.  Left and right sides will be wood.

Current options for the main chassis are black powder coated steel, anodized / brushed aluminium, or stainless steel.

I'm looking for suggestions on wood (type / color / grain) pairings for each metal chassis type / finish?

Your favorite(s) be they commercial or custom builds? If you have images to share, even better!!!

My preference is for understated, refined, and modern...

At present, I do not need to match with an audio rack or console or other furniture / room color choices.


[Note: this is a 4 chassis build]
Aluminum. Never steel for tube amps. Steel is magnetic and attracts leakage flux from the transformers and sends it everywhere to what's attached to chassis ground. 
fun project, the word of wood is, I prefer figure, strange grain, Beetle  tracks, sap wood...the more character the better

My latest project ( you can see photo in my Casa Pacifica ) system pics is Ambrosia Maple Herron preamp faceplate to match my Vandersteens....I can PM you contact for the guy on audiogon who did work...

have fun !!!!

I built my tube preamp with anodized black aluminum top and maple chassis frame.  I like the finished 

@testpilot  I like the copper/ebony idea that does look great!  @david_ten I love the 2a3 tube who's building your amps?
@tomic601 Thanks, I checked out your Casa Pacifica page. Very nice! Awesome views as well. : )

@mscetal Anodized black aluminium is a contender. Your choice of finish for your Aikido Pre is really, really sharp. Thanks.
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@david_ten I googled Scott and read some older threads about his gear looks like great stuff. Nothing recent though or a website I could find any details of the build? Purely prurient interest. ;)
Hello David,
How are you my friend? Hopefully well as your audio journey continues.  My suggestion will label me perhaps a bit.  But as someone who very much appreciates woodworking, I still enjoy a fine American Walnut with a natural oil finish.  Understated, refined for sure, but perhaps not modern.  A hard tandem to satisfy.  Let's here from the woodworkers out there.
@jond Scott is primarily accepting jobs through word of mouth recommendations. He is mostly focused on analog setup / optimization and analog cables. I’m not versed in the analog world so there may be specific terminology used that's more descriptive.
+1 @corelli  "Let's hear from the woodworkers out there."

I love American Walnut but in this application it would have to be a very lightly stained and minimal grain board (which I feel is 'tragically' anti walnut). :)

As to "how I am?" Had a very rough patch healthwise, May through November, but am slowly rehabbing back to my earlier self. 

How are things on your end?
david, I am an advotee of SET. In my younger years was a commercial tree worker/full time climber, so I have an appreciation for wood. (my best life learning experienceI) I have two pairs of mono amps, both by Wavelength. My Cardinal XS came with the optional exotic wood. ($1000 extra, donated to endangered species foundation) Zebra Wood!! I just wanted to share. Good luck on your worthy project! We will be following your endeavor with much interest.
These are wood blanks that can be used as knife scales (handles).  The grains can be amazing and most of these materials are almost indestructible.  The one thing to consider with these is the grain comes out even more once sanded-no staining necessary.