AudioQuest Speaker Cable Selection For Desktop

I am currently waiting on re-termination of my Audience Conductor cable by Audience for my desktop system. During this time I received a brand new Peachtree Nova 150 integrated. Peachtree replaced my older unit for free due to a speaker termination issue (great service). So to get the Peachtree up and running last night I searched my garage for some speaker cables. The only one I had was a very old AudioQuest Volcano (non-DBS) cable that was only 3 feet long. I had used this to connect my Bryston 7B-SST mono blocks to my Revel Salon 1 about 12 years ago (all sold years ago).

Due to the limited speaker cable length I had to put the Peachtree unit on my desktop along with the KEF LS50's (I have no desk space now). These cables are thick as garden hoses and I remembered they were fairly good cables at the time. The Peachtree was cold and with 0 hours on it, the AQ cables had not been used in over a decade. However, they seemed to sound much better than the Audience Conductor I was using for my desktop system with the Parasoud A23 amp (after about 2 hours) . It was not perfect but the sound had more body, detail, and seemed bigger than my old setup. 

I went to sleep and went back the system this morning. It is now about 6 hours later and the sound has improved as expected. It is either the Peachtree, the AudioQuest, or a combination of both that seems to have such good sound. I am hoping the Audience Conductor will sound this good when I get it back next week. I am not so sure that this will be the case. The reason I say this is the old Peachtree 150 that was replaced was a used unit and it was broken in. The broken in Audience Conductor was running on that unit for about a week, so I have some recent aural memory of that combination. 

I started looking on the AudioQuest web site for the latest wares from AQ. They seem to have a lot more speaker cable lines than in the past and it was difficult to make sense of what I need from them. I would like to ask the cable experts here what AudioQuest speaker cables would be a good match between my Peachtree Nova 150 and my KEF LS50's. I need about 6 to 10 feet to get the integrated off my desktop. Once I move them to a bedroom, the speakers will be spaced even further apart than on the desktop. The old Volcano is definitely a good match, so I should ask what new AQ speaker cable is equivalent to the old Volcano's?

I do not want to ask about other speaker cable brands because there are so many other choices and I do not want to spend too much time on this search. I want to stick with the AQ line if I change from the Audience Conductor. This system is also a desktop/bedroom system so I want to keep costs used under $1k for the replacement cable.

Thanks in advance.