Shouldn’t Do This, but…

Hi All,

I just finished moving into my new apartment. The landlord is a little touchy about certain things. For example, he was opposed to my wanting to store boxes in the basement, of all things. Today I spent the day unboxing stereo equipment. Anyhow, I have a Cruz First Maestro receptacle and I want to switch that out with the original  but I don’t have access to the fuse box in the basement. I’ve switched out receptacles with the electric on before but I hate doing it. Any advice or words of encouragement?



Plug in a couple of electric heaters into the same outlet until it trips. Then replace the receptacle and call landlord to report no power on the outlet.

I work at a hospital. Write down your post title on a piece of paper, then cross out the word “but”. That’s the answer you’re looking for.

@2psyop I've been shocked by 120V ac dozens of times over my lifetime.  I have never stood in a bathtub and tried to fish toast out of a toaster with a gold plated knife, but I've never worried about 120V.

My question is to you is, do you really see electrocution victims who have been shocked by 120V ac?

Serious question.  I'm not trying to debate here.



My suggestion is to overload the outlet and replace it when the breaker is still out.  😂