Short floorstanders?

Briefly, my friend is looking to replace his Linn Keilidh's for a music/HT system. He figures that 36" is about all he can handle before they will interfere with the screen. For music (the main concern) they will be matched to a Cary SLI-80 and Sony 999ES.
The only thing we've come across is the Totem Forests, but at over $4000cdn + tax new and the scarcity of them used we're looking for other suggestions. Any ideas in the $2k-$3k(usd) used is the target. His music tastes are mainly rock and jazz (eg. Macy Gray and Holly Cole).
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again all.
castle has two impresive floorstanders that will compete with the totems and cost less. tonally accurate and the furniture is second to none- they build the furniture for proac and others
>For music (the main concern)<
Got up on the wrong side of the bed? I just meant that music is the main use and secondly as HT. The screen is a pull-down type for a projector, and I'm sure he'd have a dedicated room if that was possible.
Also, by scarcity I meant that they don't appear that often and very rarely in Canada, not in reference to the price.
Thanks for the suggestions. I will start researching them.
>For music (the main concern)<

If music were really the main concern, he wouldn't put such constraints on what speakers he can buy. And he wouldn't have that damn screen in between the speakers in the first place.

check out the Monitor Audio silver series, maybe the S8 model. A very short floorstander. Goodguys has them on their sale tables right now.
I'm surprised you can't find used Forests in that price range. I have Totem Sttafs for my mains and still love them after 2 years. They're well w/i that price range new. I have a similar screen interferance concern, and these are just short enough.
If theres anyway he can go with up to 42"max without much interference , you might want to try the Music Goddess by Aurum Cantus and Sold through Kellsie's Audio and video in N.Y.. They sound very good with the music you like and compete with ones that cost much more in price for only about $3000.00 new.. Also if you can find a good used set of Linbrooks by Tyler Acoustics , they are also very nice sounding.. I would sell you mine at a decent price of $3800.00 shipped, but there too tall at about 50" tall..Tyler does make a smaller Linbrook version and all his speakers sound very good.. ( )
Good Luck,
I have the Totem Hawks and am ecstatic with their performance when driven with 100+W. Given the headroom they sing.