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Rogers LS35A - Stradivarius? Or Sentimental Hype?
get the stirling ls3/5 from acousticsounds.com. an updated clone that sounds just as incredible. or there's harbeth, chartwell, spendor, kef and other used ls3/5's that tend to go for less(there is a sentimental value to the rogers brand that alwa... 
bryston14b to krell 400
not worth the difference. 
best high sensitivity full range speak under 15k
high sensitivity. real world bass....a klipsch corner horn.....invest the rest of the cash in music. 
Bladelius Gondul anyone heard this player?
geeze what was i thinking. if you hear good things about it, run out and buy it. 
Anyone heard Zu Druid speakers?
finally heard these. good , but certainly not classic. 
Bladelius Gondul anyone heard this player?
take a pill...no one needs a 15k front end..no one. 
does anyone ever just buy a vpi turnatable and use it. it seems everyone can't wait to spend a fortune upgrading, and then bail to another brand. what gives? 3k worth of upgrades buys a lot of vinyl, even today. 
Pondering a pair of Klipsch La Scalas
a classic combination. you're there...start celebrating 
Alternative after Soundlab. Horns? Heil Tweeters?
the gradient 'revolution'. 
Accuphase P-1000: Poor Man's Dartzeel?
the p1000 is the sonic and build equal of any commercially made ss amp. 
Wilson Sophia vs. Piega C10 LTD... Which To Buy?
piegas are the more natural sounding loudspeaker of the two. i would agree with the comment above about the ACT(wilson benesch) above. the drivers in the ACT are in a whole different league than the sofias, which are of a diy calibar, though the c... 
Great Album Purchases of 2005
the best of charles lloyd(atlantic/japan)vinyl......michael dinner/the great pretender(fantasy/japan)vinyl......holly cole trio/yesterday and today(emi/japan)cd 
A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
the wilson max is the 901 of today 
Is Soliloquy out of business????
yes its true....as is allison(for the third time), red trumpet,meadowlark, more to come 
Best lines in a song
da da da......trio