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Does such a speaker exist? speakers have been at the latest RMAF show and blew many away. Though their stated measurement has bass to 38z, at the show they were flat down to 20 hz. They can do 130db without dynamic compre... 
Need Help buying headphones and head amps
Take a look at the Topping TP32ex. You can find them on Amazon. It has a good Dac, USB input, plus a digital coax and analog input as well. It is not only a headphone amp, but is also a 50 watt per side digital power amp to drive speakers if so de... 
Subwoofer to mate with Casta model C's.......
check out a site called look at the Seaton Submersive or from JTR the JTR Orbit shifter or the S1 or S2 to name a few. 
What is the best HEAVY METAL speaker?
I spend time over at AVSforum. There is a long thread in the speaker forum devoted to a company called JTR. There are quite a few metal heads using his speakers over there. Perhaps, you might take a look. His latest model is the Noesis 215HT. With... 
What is the best HEAVY METAL speaker?
go over to and type in JTR Growler duo subwoofer and triple 8 speaker. there is a lot of wind noise in the vid, but you'll get the idea. Make sure you watch it till the end. 
floor standing speakers with powered woofer
Vandersteen and Von schweikerts 
Having trouble with sound deadening
Bass moves in mysterious ways in a room. There are almost always peaks and nulls that occur in a particular space. One thing to try is to move your sub or subs to a different part of the room. That can change the way bass energy is transferred to ... 
Rock n Roll w/Strings
The rock group Kansas. Not quite rock and roll but Jon Luc Ponty and Andreas Vollenweider did quite well with strings. 
Looking For Internet Radio Recommendations
On the cheaper side, look at the logitech squeezebox touch and some of their other offerings. For more money, check out the Arcam Solo Neo. Also, go over to Audio Advisor and check out their music streaming receivers for other ideas. 
Recommend an amp for two sets of speakers
Look at the Antique Sound Labs Hurricanes for sale on this site. That should do it. 
Amplification and Speakers In Huge Home Theater
In reading about your IMAX experience, you should take a look at speakers from Tom Danley. His speakers have been installed in IMAX theaters and he is now making speakers for the home theater environment. 
Amplification and Speakers In Huge Home Theater
CHeck out the speakers from JTR. Once called the triple 12HT and their Growler subwoofer. Their has been a fairly extensive thread about this line of speakers and subs over at AVS forum. 
Klipsch lascala subwoofer?
There is another route you can go. It is definately a big enough box to convert into a subwoofer. After all, the internal volume of your speaker is bigger than most subs out there. You would remove everything that is inside it and turn it into an ... 
2 Ch/HT integration-need help from experts
I used to have a tube integrated amp as well as a Pioneer Elite surround receiver in my system. For a simple solution so that both amps can share the main speakers, I simply had a set of speaker wires running from each amp with banana plugs. The u... 
modest towers with high WAF for living room?
Check out a pair of Ariel 8's that are for sale here. I used to have a pair of Audio Physic Tempo 3's. They are a nice looking floor standing speaker that sound great and are also for sale on this site.