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Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
Bacardi,The Cerious would be less then 520 at list price for 5'.5 so yes it's close but still about 130 cheaper than Cpt.. The Cerious at 5' was going for only 299 at special pricing.. I'm sure from what I've read from some well respected Audiogon... 
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
The list price on all the power cords and interconnects is $499.00 except for the digital cable which is $299.00.. I believe the speaker cables are around $849.00 or more for 8 foot set but not 100% on them. 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Just wanted to thank George for a great job well done with the lightspeed attenuator.. The music in my system has really opened up and I'm hearing instruments more clearly in background with better detail then I ever had before.. The instruments s... 
I need good power cable for musical fidelity KW500
I also recommend the Power cables through Don at DCCA Audio.dccaaudio.com 
John Dunlavy may not be with us much longer.
Tomryan here's some, but once your able to get into site there's a little more to read once you click on each person's individual link.Posted by snowmiser (A) on January 26, 2006 at 07:39:39I few weeks back I posted an inquiry about John Dunlavy. ... 
Best tube preamp, cost not object ?
I think for the money you can not go wrong with the Modwright SWL 9.0SE.Good luck,Dave 
Dunlavy SC IVa or B&W 802
Badman, With the type of room your describing the Dunlavy's should sound awesome.. You might want to later consider more power though do to size of room, but for now the small monos will do fine. Just think of it as a upgrade later to make the Dun... 
Dunlavy SC IVa or B&W 802
Badam, The vifa speakers in Dunlavy's can be replaced and closely matched up.. They are several places that sell them in U.S. and are made in Denmark.. Just enter vifa speaker under Yahoo and you will find quite a few.. There is some dealers that ... 
Dunlavy SC IVa or B&W 802
Sorry, i forgot to say you could also look at the B&W 803's that would also sound quite nice with your amps..The Dunlavy's though for the money will be hard to beat..Good luck,Dave 
Dunlavy SC IVa or B&W 802
I would go with the Dunlavy's , they will be a little easier to drive with your small mono's..They also sound very good if you have atleast a room size of about 14x14 and some up...Good Luck,Dave 
s.s.amp recommendations.
How about a Khartago amp by Odyssey Audio?There web address is www.odysseyaudio.com.and this amp can be viewed under www.odysseyaudiosg.com. The amp is also sold in U.S. , just does not show under U.S. web site yet..You can reach the owner Klaus b... 
Preamp advice
ESTRONG, You might want to consider the S-33 preamp by Kavent.. It runs about $1199.00 new and sounds great for the money. Me and 3 others did have the chance to hear the difference between the S-33 and the X-1 Pass labs preamp and all agreed we t... 
New Dk SIGN.?
Passet02I think you will be pretty satisfied in the change from the DK MK2 to the DK Signature MK3.. The Signature handlesa little better at mid volume levels and beyond..It also provides a Quieter background with more noticable detail in music..T... 
Like my current gear, only better...
How about Kavent at Kellsie's audio and video in NY.www.kellsieavdesign.comGood Luck 
tyler linbrook signatures vs. b&w 802
I guess im comma Happy.(sorry) Hope you all have a very Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year. Dave