SET suggestions up to $3k (used)

Looking for a used SET amp for my 96db speakers, so I’m looking at probably  300b's and 8+ wpc.

Any suggestions?


Maybe Used Frankenstein 300b? I heard a pair once and they were really good. If new I would read reviews and buy some Chinese crap if at that price range. I’m sure there are others though. 

@dhcod  Your reasoning (300B / 8+wpc to drive 96dB speakers)?:

Looking for a used SET amp for my 96db speakers, so I’m looking at probably  300b's and 8+ wpc



Don't know the size of your listening room or your preferred listening level. I'm thinking you're on the right track in thinking 8 watts. I drive 93dB efficient JBL monitors with my ~7 watts of SET 300B power and really enjoy it.

I think you're in a target-rich environment, though shopping might take some patience. Just keep checking all the various audio sales websites. The equipment is out there.

How about considering a solid state class A integrated such as the Sugden A21se? It can be had for $3250. It is 30 watts of pure class A, single ended. Unless of course your heart is set on tubes. The Sugden has a similar sound to a tube Amp, without the hassle of tubes.

I use a 4 watt Deware Mini Torii with my 92db Ref 3A de Capos


plenty loud in a 22x12 open room

I'd second the Coincident, my two pieces very nice. Whatever amp you purchase add boutique tubes to budget if not included in sale. You'll never hear full potential of 300B amp with second rate tubes.

Border patrol 300b. If your really patient you might find 1 in that ball park price.


If your speakers are legitimately 96 dB sensitivity or close that is a good start. Equally important (Arguably more so) how easily driven are they? I’m referring to load impedance characteristics/phase angles. This aspect has a significant bearing on the success of using SET amplifiers.

Another important consideration is the quality of the amplifier’s output transformer and power supply. Fundamentally key factors. This is the very last area for cutting corners. Take your time and do some reading and research. SET and efficient easy to drive speakers can be stunningly good if done correctly.


I don't believe you would need necessarily need 8wpc for speakers with 96db sensitivity. You may want to keep your options open. I'm driving 99db speakers easily from a 45 tube amp - so around 1.6 wpc. 300B's are nice, but 45s and 2A3s aren't that far off and are still somewhat available as NOS without forgoing your child's education. My point being, when shopping tube amps, make certain to shop tubes as well.