Saved by a Bose Wave radio

My Music Hall Trio had to go in for service and I just sold my extra pre-amp (sumo)which had just been sitting around.
Well, I had a brainstorm for my office system: Bose wave radio for pre and tuner, Pioneer Elite DVD/CD, Yamaha M-45 amp and Coincident speakers.
I can't believe what a decent job that nasty little bose is doing. My clock is a pre-amp tuner! Does it rival a modded Music Hall? NO. Will it get me by for the next 3-4 weeks? Definitely and is doing a decent job. It even is able to sense that I'm using the variable outputs and shut off the speakers automatically as well as changed the volume settings.
Bose isnt that bad for the casual consumer but its way overpriced and delivers very little but I can see how one could surprise and get you by but knowing that this is temporary is helping your opinion.
my wife will only listen to music on her(gulp..ours) bose thingy. my neighbors have never commented on my stereo collection, or my music collection,,,but get them into the kitchen, and they go apeshit over that friggin bose. they most know something about making people happy.
You're missing the point, this has become a 20bit, dual burr brown dac, 150 watt class A rated Bose with 8" woofers, 1" tweeters and 94db at 1 watt! For once, I like Bose.
I didnt miss any point just taking the high road instead of blanket Bose bashing..its like picking on a retarted person.
The Bose radio CD alarm clock works actually quite well,
it tells time accurately, and has a battery back up for power failures, short duration only. The alarm feature lets you wake up to the CD of your choice, in my case an original version, non orchestrated of Applachian Spring.
I know of no other audio device that tells time, has an alarm, and lets you choose either CD or radio to wake up to.
If there is such a beast, Tivoli does not make one to my knowledge, let me know.
For listening to music there is my other system
Uru975....I have a Sony that does exctly all of the things that you mentioned above.

The cd track I have it set to wake me is "It's A Beautiful Morning" by the Young Rascals. Paid about $50 for the thing about ten years ago. I've used it in my remote offices several times over the years to pinch-hit if a music system wasn't in place.
So the bose radio has an audio input and output?
My tivoli radio for the office only has an Aux In.
There is nothing wrong with Bose. I have owned some of their speakers years ago & no they are not the ultimate sound but enjoyable devices that cut through the bull and deliver good sound for a reasonable price. I imagine the Wave radio is also such a product for people on the go or who just want to listen to their music in a sensible manner without constantly evaluating a high end rig or in this case just having something to fall back on.
The marketing of the Bose Wave Radio is the best I have ever seen. Their radio is featured in the weekend section of my Sunday newspaper and I also see it advertised in various magazines. I am sure that people like the no extra wires concept and the small compact box with an easy to use remote control. I even heard the Bose Wave Radio advertised on the radio. I cannot comment on its sound quality but Bose gets an A+ for a very creative advertising program. There advertising budget must be very expensive but Bose must be selling many units of this radio/CD unit.
They actually have a great trade in program also. You can upgrade with up to a 50% discount on the new unit.
I think that its a wonderful underappreciated piece.....FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!! I just had to do that, please accept my appologies.
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