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Getting weak bass from Tannoy D700 speakers
Not sure about the Quad set-up, however, I have D700's with a Denon AVR. Running just the D700's without the sub I get the a very balanced or as you say rich-puncy sound.I have silver jumpers and just connect the Denon to the bottom speaker termin... 
Quick poll How long have you been in this hobby?
Since 1974. Heard Aerosmith's Get Your Wings on a buddies Radio Shack receiver/turntable/speakers. 
Saved by a Bose Wave radio
So the bose radio has an audio input and output?My tivoli radio for the office only has an Aux In. 
Sound Anchor vs Skylan stands?
I second the Skylan's and Noel. He made exactly what I needed with one quick phone call and his workmanship is great. 
Anyone care to comment on Stone Image Audio 
Where are you from this Christmas..
Merry Christmas & happy 06 from the garden spot of the East, Coopersburg, Pa!!!!!!!!!! 
Review: Arcam AVR 300 Surround Pre
I also tried/listened to many AV receivers. I settled on the Arcam AVR200. I went from McCormack DNA 125 and RLD-1 and the Arcam really holds it own at a fraction of the price. 
Good AV Receiver with good AM/FM reception.
It appears I will look into a roof or chimney mount aerial. I listen to mainly College FM stations and one local AM station. Hopefully, a good aerial will help the receivers limited capabilities.Thanks,Ken 
2 channel UDP help..........
Oh, and I forgot, redbook cd.Thanks 
Tinnitus - do you have ringing in the ears?
I have had it for a couple of years in one ear. It was attributed to my attending too many rock concerts as a youth. Its very annoying to me. I've been to numerous ENT docs without any success. I was told to get rid of my stereo, especially the he... 
Calling all acoustic guitar fans...
California Guitar Trio. 
Anyone still do insightful or intelligent lyrics?
I have to third or fourth-Aimee Mann. I don't think she has any peers in the lyrics/poetry department... along with excellent arrangements. 
Rush albums sound quality
Foxtrot,I also found Rush studio recordings to be very compressed and without dynamics. I actually enjoy their live recordings better. Also, the better your system becomes its easier to hear the problem recordings. You also have to think about whe... 
Other "silver" spk cables.....
I use RS Cables, pre-power, cd-pre. Richard provides a 30 day trial period. Your ears will be your best advice.Good luck. 
Any Info on RS Audio Cables Interconnects?
I bought 2 pairs of the silver I/C's. I had Kimber Hero with a McCormack RLD-1 & DNA-125. Source is Jolida JD-1000 with upgrade. The Hero's were good but the RScables refined the presentation and defined the soundstage in every direction. I'm ...