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Does the streamer effect sound quality
Streamer definitely affects sound quality as does the cable you use from streamer to DAC.  I do not have a technical reason why (bits are bits) but I assure you that each streamer has its own sonic fingerprint.  The difference is easy to hear. I’... 
Bluesound Node as streamer vs Audirvana - My experience
Audirvana is software that makes your computer sound better if you use it as a streamer.  
Bluesound Node as streamer vs Audirvana - My experience
@carlsbad Yes - a streamer is a piece of hardware that pulls the music data from Tidal, Amazon, Qobuz or your hard-drive and sends it to your DAC.  Sort of a streaming version of a CD-Transport.  
Bluesound Node as streamer vs Audirvana - My experience
@carlsbad This was a test of the Bluesound as a streamer only vs Audirvana from a mac.  So just sending data to my DAC from Tidal.   
Bluesound Node as streamer vs Audirvana - My experience
@jc4659 Yes - I was surprised by how well the laptop held up. I don’t know what type of USB cable you are using but that made a big difference for me. That’s an easy upgrade if you haven’t done that. Also, listen to to your system with the lapto... 
Bluesound Node as streamer vs Audirvana - My experience
Thanks - I rely on forums a lot, and am trying to better about sharing information so it can be helpful to others. @mahler123 It is the most recent Node, not the 2i.    
Move from Parasound A23 to A21/A21+ or Something Else?
Two Schiit Vidars (in dual mono.)  Problem solved   
Audiogon is becoming the hub for scammers.
I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Audiogon.  PayPal offers buyer protection and do your due diligence like you would anywhere online.  
Transmission line speakers!
uncleang Those are beautiful speakers... impressive Thank you.  I think they're fantastic speakers.   They do require quite a bit of power, so they wouldn't work well with small tube / class A amps, but they sound great and are easy to work wi... 
Transmission line speakers!
I own T+A Criterion 2100 TL speakers.  I believe all the T+A Criterion speakers are transmission line.    Very deep, natural and linear sounding bass for midsized floorstanding speakers.  Never boomy, even in my room with hardwood floors.  If the... 
Advice needed on power cables, wall warts, conditioning, electrical outlet
I swapped my power Furman Reference Power Conditioner out for Pangea Premier power strips, and I found it was a significant improvement in sound. Power conditioners are a tricky thing.  They help with hum, but can hurt dynamics... and it very dep... 
Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?
A pair of Schiit Vidars in balanced mode as monoblocks is pretty phenomenal clean  toroidal AB power (for under $1500).         
One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
I've had great experience with my local stereo stores in Souther California.  All are knowledgeable folks that are clearly in the business for the passion of it and are trying to make it work. I really try to buy local when I can.  One thing that... 
$39K for the Linn Klimax DAC/streamer?
Good grief, can't an audiophile board about DACs be a safe haven from our dysfunctional political name-calling (on both sides.)  
$39K for the Linn Klimax DAC/streamer?
Linn makes great sounding gear on the leading edge of tech that is plug and play and looks fantastic in a home.  Add to that, made in Scotland, small and runs cool.   I can't afford $40k for a streamer, but I also can't afford a McLaren either a...