Sanders Sound Systems 10E - The Genius has done it.

I have long been a fan of Roger Sanders, having first purchased his complete Innersound System back in 2001.  I upgraded about two years ago to a pair of MagTechs and his new 10D speakers, which BLEW MY MIND.  I just went for the 10E upgrade, which, for 10D owners, is a new crossover with room correction for the bass (below 500 hz). Having finished the installation and configuration early this morning, the system is just playing to acclimate but the first sounds were absolutely stunning.  Mr. Sanders has found a way of crawling into the recording and spreading those piano keys just a wee bit further apart;  the violin strings are just a tad tighter and the bow pulls, cleaner.  A masterful achievement.  
Sanders makes some very good stuff, I used to be a rep for him, ages ago, and got him into the NY show a long time ago.

One thing, on the older speakers, bass was not always well integrated with the panels. It was not a matter of dynamic vs. planar but there was something fundamentally wonky with the crossover design.  Long after I lost contact with Roger I found a review which explained it in more detail. If you have any of those, it’s worth researching. 


I heard the full Sanders Sound System at T.H.E. Show in Newport. The 10E’s were driven by a pair of his stereo Magtech amps (900 w/ch) along with his preamp + room correction software. Fantastic! The music had incredible dynamics. The panels were very well integrated with the transmission-line bass drivers. I still remember my ears perking up at the snap of the snare drum - while, the standup bass was full-bodied and tuneful. The system easily handled whatever they threw at it - rock, orchestral, singer/songwriter . . . Congrats on your upgrade!
Interesting, Roger has never shied away from DSP technology. His panels were quite nice and needed a lot less correction than some other famous brands, so I imagine the combination is pretty stunning. :)


Thank you very much everyone.  I was listening well in to the night.  I have heard harmonies I have never heard before (Styx Grand Illusion - no big deal recording wise (incredible album musically) and like I heard it for the first time).  I have always read about hearing into the mix" and now see what it means.  The violins from violas are incredibly distinct and the reverb from a bass string doesn't smear up the rest of the music (in my small room).  "Linear Bass" as Roger calls it, is a beautiful thing.  
I heard the 10e system at AXPONA this year and thought it sounded amazing.  I spent over an hour in the room and did not want to leave.  Shortly after that I was told about a possible sale of a pair of Innersound EROS MKIII speakers which Roger designed some years ago.  They came with the crossover/bass amp.  The price was too good to ignore so I bought them.  They sound great.  I bought the LMS (loudspeaker management system) which is part of the 10e system and can be sold separately.   The integration with the EROS put a huge smile on my face.  These stats are world class.  The panels are driven by a Magtech.  I also have a Sanders preamp.  My wife is now complaining (commenting?) that I listen to too much music.  If you can find an EROS MKIII system BUY IT and buy the LMS system. Details are on the Sanders Sound website.  You will reach a new level of musical happiness.  If you can buy a Sanders 10e system BUY IT and be prepared for an incredible musical adventure.
Hi Cerrot
I got my system about three month ago. I can't compare it to the 10d but it sounds great, and the new crossovr is an excellent upgrade.
The listening experience  is new, and I started listening to my all music collection again. It's like buying new albums.
Thanks for your offer, from the past, to visit you and hear the 10d, I saw it too late so...
enjoy the music. 
That sounds wonderful, Imomo.  I have been listening 'for the first time', many old recording as well.  A mind blower for me were those 'poorly' recorded 1970's CD's.  Well, so far, they sound pretty incredible!  Even a POOR recording like The Supremes has soundstage and depth.  These usually sound flat and uninvolving.  No longer.  
The Sanders Sound System certainly does sound outstanding! It does so  because it is indeed a total system. This is it's key to it's sonic greatness. It sounded great at the Newport Beach show. If I ever start over and leave my SET amps and Horn speakers, I will go straight to their room and place my order.

David Pritchard
This thread is over a year old but had to chime in. I purchased the Sanders 10e "system" about 3 months ago and haven't looked back. They are everything everyone says about them a complete hi-end speaker system, nothing is lacking IMHO. Yes they require bi-amping and  and a bunch of extra ac cords, especially if you are using mono-block amps but well worth the effort.

(Dealer disclosure)
If any of you guys would like to sell me your old sanders equipment then please let me know!